Offset’s Former Label Quality Control Files Countersuit, Alleges Rapper Is Still Under Contract & Owes Money From Solo Releases


Offset’s Former Label Quality Control Files Countersuit, Alleges Rapper Is Still Under Contract & Owes Money From Solo Releases

The music-rights fight between Migos rapper Offset and former label Quality Control continues on.

In a new report from Radar Online, court documents reportedly reveal that QC has officially filed a countersuit against their ex-label artist. The suit comes shortly after the label accused the rap star of breaching their confidential contract agreement.

As previously reported, Kiari ‘Offset‘ Cephus, 31, pursued legal action against QC back in August of last year. The musician claimed the label he grew to stardom with, alongside fellow Migos members Takeoff and Quavo, attempted to steal the rights to his solo music and blackballed him after leaving the group.

In the countersuit, however, QC founders Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas, claim their former artist actually misunderstood the terms of the agreements. According to the label, Offset and QC were engaged in two separate contracts – a production deal and a label agreement. Once Offset opted to move on from the group, there were negotiations that QC claimed only modified the production agreement, not the label deal. Reportedly, the document read:

“The 2021 Settlement Agreement did not affect Quality Control’s ownership, control and/or income rights in recordings made by Offset under the Label Deal Agreement, either prior to or after the 2021 Settlement Agreement, as Quality Control’s rights in those recordings are granted by Capitol pursuant to the terms of the Label Deal Agreement, not by Offset under the Production Agreement.”

It continued:

“The Offset Assignment makes no reference to, nor did it amend, the Label Deal Agreement. Accordingly, the Offset Assignment did not affect Quality Control’s ownership or profit participation rights in recordings made by Offset because Quality Control’s rights in such recordings are derived from the Label Deal Agreement, not from the Offset/Capitol Agreement.”

While reporting the initial story, we noted that Offset’s single “54321” prompted the suit, after QC allegedly attempted to collect royalties from the record. In the countersuit, the label also made it clear they are still waiting to receive their payout from the song, adamantly arguing that their deal remains intact. The legal papers continued:

“Pursuant to the Offset/Capitol Agreement, all rights in solo recordings made by Offset are granted to Capitol as works made for hire. Subsequently, under the terms of the Label Deal Agreement, Capitol continues to assign to Quality Control its one hundred percent copyright ownership in any new Offset solo recordings. Accordingly, while Capitol is the exclusive distributor of such recordings, Quality Control is the legal owner of all copyright rights in any new works by Offset so long as Offset is furnishing his solo recording services to Capitol under the Offset/Capitol Agreement,”

At this time, the total alleged amount owed has not been shared publicly.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson