EXCLUSIVE: Birdman Settles Battle Over Unpaid Tupac Art

EXCLUSIVE: Birdman Settles Battle Over Unpaid Tupac Art


Birdman Settles Battle Over Unpaid Tupac Art

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Birdman has reached a settlement with the famed artist – who he contacted to create an original Tupac art work – with the lawsuit being dismissed due to their confidential agreement.

Here’s the latest: Recently docs were filed in the case by contemporary artist Leonor Anthony, explaining she is dismissing all claims against Birdman and the entire lawsuit be will closed officially without the option of refiling.

EXCLUSIVE: Birdman Settles Battle Over Unpaid Tupac Art

Tupac Shakur (circa 1996)

Here’s the backstory: A well-known contemporary artist, Leonor Anthony, sued Birdman for screwing her out of $10k. She explained the music mogul entered into a deal with her to purchase 2 original art works, one entitled “Tupac” and the other “Song of Faith and Flight” story of Birdman. He agreed to pay $10k for both pieces. She delivered both pieces to his Florida mansion months ago, but he has refused to pay up.

A judge came back and entered a default judgement against Birdman in the amount of $10,000 for the unpaid balance, plus $407.74 in interest for a grant total of $10,407.75.

On March 8th, the judge signed off on an execution against Birdman that ordered all Florida state sheriffs to slap a levy against the rapper’s luxury Miami condo. The amount of the execution was $10,407.75 and would continue to grow with 4.75% interest until paid off.

Birdman was ordered to show up in court in May to explain why he should not be found in contempt of court. Birdman responded, returning to court demanding he not be held in contempt of court for failing to respond to the lawsuit, saying he had no idea he was even being sued.

The mogul explained he only learned about the case last month when a reporter called his lawyer inquiring about the suit. He pleaded for the judge to not find him in contempt and to allow him to respond to the allegations he screwed over the artist.

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