NBA Star Andre Drummond Allegedly Impregnates 2 Women At The Same Time

Andre Drummond Allegedly Impregnates Two Girls At The Same Time

Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons is allegedly expecting two babies, but they’re not twins nor are they with the same woman. On September 18, a young lady by the name of Elizabeth Costadani revealed that she was pregnant with a baby girl. She posted a video of her ultrasound on Instagram with the caption:

Gods timing can be very confusing at times but He always has a plan. You are so loved already Babygirl  Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. 

Elizabeth also posted a photo of her baby bump, captioning it

“Lil Baby Drumm”.

Back in May, she celebrated her 24th birthday with her man, Andre Drummond, at her side.

All year, she’s been spotted at both home and away games cheering Andre and the Detroit Pistons on.


However, she hasn’t been the only one cheering Drummond on. There’s also another young lady. Her name is Abigail Russo and she’s allegedly Andre Drummond’s new girl. Rumor has it, she’s also pregnant. Though she does not mention it on her Instagram timeline, she has stopped posting full body photos. She also posts videos of her at Andre’s games, seemingly picking up where Elizabeth left off. In the meantime, Elizabeth has pretty much scrubbed her page clean of any photos with Andre in it According to an anonymous tip to Sports Gossip, Abigail is a former dancer from Miami. Read the tip below:

I used to dance with Abigail Russo in Miami, she has a pimp. That’s not his girlfriend lol she wants clout that’s why she posted him. when she met Andre she deleted her Instagram and made a new one to make herself look like wife material. she is desperate to be wifed by an athlete. When the news released about Elizabeth being pregnant she pretended she was pregnant too lol. She is a stripper that sells her body. I believe Elizabeth’s baby is his, her highlight says bebe drumm. Elizabeth deleted all her pics of them on insta a couple months ago and Abigail seems like just a recent fling, I never see her around him besides that night.

Drummond has yet to speak on the rumors. If they’re true, congratulations on the new bundles of joy!

Authored by: Eleven8