EXCLUSIVE: Omarion Undecided on B2K Biopic, Shoots Down Return to Love & Hip Hop + Blames Album Delay on Label

EXCLUSIVE: Omarion Undecided on B2K Biopic, Shoots Down Return to Love & Hip Hop + Blames Album Delay on Label


Omarion On B2K Biopic, Love & Hip Hop + Album Delay

Omarion is an industry veteran. The former B2K member, is no stranger to cameras having grown up in the public eye and most recently as a cast member of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. After publicly splitting with girlfriend Apryl Jones last year, the 32-year-old singer is focusing on what he’s known for — his music. With everything polished and ready for release, Omarion has encountered another roadblock and is lacking the support of his label. His fifth studio album “Reasons” was slated for release back in June, but has since been filed away with no release date. In a recent interview with theJasmineBrand.com correspondent Malikka Michelle, Omarion discusses his frustrations with his label, becoming his own artist, his return to reality TV, and thoughts on a possible biopic. Peep the interview below.

On the delay of his album “Reasons”:

Well, let me say this, “Reasons” is mastered and mixed and is ready to go. As far as all of the work that’s been put in via music, I’ve accomplished it. Omarion has completed his job. I’ve done all that I can do as far as preparing the music. This is, however, the music business and business is complicated. I can’t really say right now when the album will come out other than I do have “Word 4 Word” coming 7.7.17 which is the new song from the ‘Reasons’ album that I shot in Japan and directed as well. It’s a short, about eight minutes. I’m so excited for people to see this art. As far as the album goes…standby. I have multiple videos. I have music. There’s not going to be a shortage of vibes.

On issues with his label:

I remember when I dropped “Post To Be” and it took six months for it to blow up and it’s just now, at the top of this year, 3x platinum. And that’s the biggest record that I’ve had in my whole career. So you can’t really say what it is all the time. One thing you can say it is is definitely politics and it’s definitely people in positions that don’t have real quality in their position. I leave it up to the universe, but ‘Reasons’ is going to come out and Omarion’s gon’ stay coming. I’ve been here almost 20 years so I’m a be here.

On the possibility of becoming an independent artist:

I think that it’s time for that for me. I think that it’s time for me to step and I have in a way. I just recognize what the last 12 years is about. It’s about honing my skill and now I can direct and now I’m sitting in the editing bay. And I know what I want to look like. Now I know how to sing and I’m not singing songs that just are good songs. I’m like a real artist this time for myself; not for anybody else.

EXCLUSIVE: Omarion Undecided on B2K Biopic, Shoots Down Return to Love & Hip Hop + Blames Album Delay on Label


On his forthcoming album, “Reasons”:

This whole album is about me reconnecting again — reinvigorating my fans to really show them how high the levels have gotten. This album is about looking inside. This album I hope becomes a million and I hope when people hear it and they hear what I’m talking about […] it’s an assortment of songs. It’s an assortment of vibes. I’m particularly happy right now, so a lot of the songs are rhythmic. A lot of the conversations I’m having is about love via my experience now being a dad; understanding the deeper depths of love and having a kid and being responsible for a kid. That changed everything. My art is deeper.

On societal issues and being an artist who voices his opinion:

Sometimes people have the right intent. Things can get misconstrued. I think there needs to be a conversation […] especially in reference to talking to one another. Because it’s like everyone just talks just to talk now. I’m not interested in that, I don’t want to contribute to that. I want to help people maybe see things in another perspective. Help me see things in another perspective. As long as we show respect for one another I think that that is the most important thing. I wouldn’t particularly pride myself on always speaking on certain things because certain things I don’t feel like they deserve attention. We don’t have control over what we see on IG every day. It’s so much stuff going on, it’s like someone has to step in and inspire something different.

Omarion w/ Mona Scott-Young and LHHH cast (circa 2014)

On if he would return to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood:

Never. It’s a place and a platform that I definitely got the opportunity to be on the show and display a more personal side of my relationship and my life but it’s a space where it’s not fitting for my life. It’s like why am I going do the show and obviously the show has to have some type of drama and it’s like when I’m going through this adversity it becomes a topic of discussion three months later after I’ve shot it. So in real time I just went through it and now that everyone else is watching it, now they are going through it. It’s very stressful and I don’t see the benefit in having to balance life and have that be a part of my universe. It’s not something that I feel like is beneficial to me.

On having his own reality show:

I’m cool. I’m not going to be on TV fighting because he’s talking crazy to me and then everyone thinks that they can talk crazy to me because of the edits.

On if there will be an Omarion or B2K biopic:

I don’t know. I think at some point we have to see what’s up with the universe. We have to see what happens because everyone that has been a part of my history and being fans of whatever they always ask and inquire about it, especially to me and I’m always trying to give you a different perspective on how that experience was. That experience for you was happy, it was a joyful thing. You could look back and say that was a good time. For me, I got to look past a lot of things. I got to look at well I was 16 on the road and I was tired and I didn’t have a normal life. I have to move things around and understand how everyone had a good time, but maybe not all the time. That connect and moving forward I think that if I had the opportunity to tell that story I would, but it would have to be on my terms.

Omarion, Chris Brown

On working with Chris Brown:

I’m going to be honest with you, it’s not up to me…it’s up to Chris. I would love to do something like that because I feel like that’s an opportunity that Michael never had. I would love to do that but you’ve got to ask Chris Brown. I don’t know if he’s ready for that. I don’t know if he’s ready for that sauce that I give.

On what we can expect from him next:

I want to do a movie this year if I’m afforded that opportunity. I’m also focusing on introducing some new characters to the world […] reintroducing some characters to the world. I’ve been building my team and my own squad and got a few artists that I’m working with, developing. Just to shed light on the other creative side of things that I can do and fashion of course. We are going to do everything and see where things are falling. I just came up with a cool concept for a show I’m doing with Lalah Hathaway, it’s titled “Unscripted.” Just be expecting the art. I’m really inspired right now, I’m in such a great place. So many things have been good for me and I can’t wait to show the art.

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