Jackie Christie’s Daughter Denies She’s Bipolar, Says Her Mother Doesn’t Support Her: I haven’t seen her in 4 years.

Jackie Christie's Daughter Denies She's Bipolar, Says Her Mother Doesn't Support Her: I haven't seen her in 4 years.

Jackie Christie, Takari Lee

Jackie Christie’s Daughter Denies She’s Bi-Polar: I haven’t seen my mom in 4 years.

For the past season of ‘Basketball Wives’ cast member Jackie Christie has been under fire over her relationship with her oldest daughter Ta’Kari Lee Christie. If you watched this season, then you witnessed that most of the show was centered around the mother-daughter relationship and and how Jackie’s grandson was severely injured at daycare, resulting in her launching a Go-Fund me account to help cover expenses.

First appt. We expect him to heal very well with some scarring on his shoulder…

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In a new interview, Ta’Kari discusses the controversy and the upcoming release of her book. Check out the excerpts below.

How long Ta’Kari has been working on her book:

In all honestly, probably about five to six years. I have really [been] dedicating myself to really sitting down and thinking about my memories and how I would want to arrange the book. It has been written a couple of different times and a different ways.

The goal of the book:

Originally, the whole goal and the intention in the very beginning had been like I said – my heart is pure – I had good intentions when writing the book. I wanted it to be something that my mother and me could have worked on together; you know they have publishing companies. It is a story of growth, of anything else – that is what it is. That’s what we want to throw the spotlight on. It would have been great to have it done it that way. It probably would have missed all the dramatics that happened afterwards.

Why she wanted to write a book:

I always wanted to share my story; to me writing the book was the most therapeutic way to go about it, in hopes that it would reach out to someone else maybe another teen or somebody that is has gone through some of the things that I have gone through growing up. Even in adult women who had a hard past growing up who does not know how to get past those obstacles in order to get their life in order to do what they need to do. I hope to motivate to tell someone there is options – there is a choice to be better or bitter – and you can do that no matter what.

Why her mother did not publish her book under her own publishing company:

I do not know what my mom thinks – that I want to say. I have asked her, “well do you think you did something wrong? Are you guilty of something? Do you feel like you want to say something? Is their something in you that makes you against the project? We both know the story, as soon as I said something about my story it is, “Oh that is extortion or that is slander.” I kind of have gotten accustomed to it. It is the reason why it has taken this long for the book to come out. Then deciding, I know this is my truth and I believe in my self and I am going to stand in this truth no matter what. Put myself out [there] against all odds and there where a lot of odds from people agreeing and some people disagreeing. My intentions have remained the same from the beginning.’

During her interview on The Breakfast club, why she didn’t call her mother a liar: 

When they [The Breakfast Club] asked me that question, I imagined if would I ever call my grandmother a liar. And that is one thing you don not do, is call and adult or your superior a liar. That is how I was raised; I would have never crossed that line. Obviously there are discrepancies in the story and something is not adding up. But I am not going to cross the line. I do not feel like I need to ever be disrespectful.’

How she wanted to maintain respect for her mother while still telling her story:

I wanted to remain respectful. I do think there is a thin line between slander and defamation. I do not necessarily give my opinion I just want to give my experience. That was my mindset the whole time.

Whether Ta’Kari is worried about her mom blocking or trying to stop the release of her book:

It has been said the whole time during the process of me writing the book. Her saying it or the fear of her doing that has hindered me. Her trying to come after me has hindered me from doing it. I have studied law to an extent so I know what I wrote, I was very careful to make sure I did not write anything for anyone to be able to come after me. Like I said, I am not coming for anyone, like I said this is my story, but I am aware that there are people who are against it.

If she has been diagnosed with any mental illnesses:

I have never been diagnosed with bi-polar. It is just the same thing as someone who is against you or does not care for you coming up with any type of rumor to be said just to be mean. There are no grounds behind the statement, but like I said it is all out of assumptions. No one has read the book, so no one can say what the book is about. I do want to say that when I heard that line, that I have heard in a few interviews, “she suffers from bipolar, and she suffers from depression.” What it says to me is that someone who has bi-polar or depression is that they are just a liar, and I do not think that is fair to someone who is bi-polar or suffers from depression at all. I do not know why it is being used as an excuse, but like I said there is no medical diagnosis or nothing that holds that up. It is being said just to be said.

If the Go Fund money raised was used for her son’s injuries or if it was for something or someone else, a clam that Jackie made against her:

How would someone know what I spent the money on? I have not been in the same room with my mother since 2012, so it is comments made just to be made. What do you think of me? You think I would be such a person that I would use my kids? Use my burnt child’s money to buy weed and tennis shoes? I know that is not what I did; I know I am not that kind of person – so I am not going to play into it. It does not mater to me, you can say what ever, it does not damage my character. Who matters to me is the people in my house who know me, like the back of their hand, and they know I am not a bad person and I would never do anything in such a manner. They know their mother.

If she’s interested in reality TV:

It would have to be something meaningful, I am not interested in being in another group of girls at a lunch table from VH1 something like that you know. I want to do something meaningful like lets go have lunch with a group of underprivileged girls or foster girls who need somebody to look up to and speak with weekly. For us just to sit here and talk to people about each other’s lives – it would have to be real life, what we are really going through, not walking around and shopping and eating everyday and constantly talking about each other.

On her mother revealing she’s expecting another child on “Basketball Wives” reunion:

What a contrast from the beginning of the season when she was having grandma parties to now about me having another child and what a burden it is. Who in all honestly has zero effect on your life? You are making it a problem by thinking about it. That is the only thing you have to do. You are not required to do anything. You are not even required to see the child.

If Jackie supports Ta’Kari her and her children:

She posted some text messages, that kind of shows how sporadic our communication is. Years ago I expected that, that is my mom’s way of dealing with her guilt, she knows she has not scene or interacted with me in all of these years so at the end of every conversation whenever she does call, that is how she would end it. “Ok well I am going to go send you some change you know” and that is word for word and that is what she would do, she would go send me 50 or a 100 dollars. Like I said, I am already doing what I need to do to take care of my family so it would be something in addition, because my kids have to eat everyday, they have to have clothes and there is gas and stuff that is needed to get them where they have to go and school supplies and all this stuff is not coming from 100 or 50 dollars every three months or what ever. That is not supporting somebody at all.’

What the book will explain about their relationship:

The book is definitely going to explain how our relationship got like this; I made sure the book explained that and the experiences. I am not saying that my mother hates me and this is why. There is a difference in how she feels. I am a mother myself. I feel that my mother feels different from me and I could feel for my kids and this is the reason why and I am going to explain it like that. It has been called a “tell all ‘’ book a ‘’bashing’’ book it has been called everything, but it is about my life, my experiences and my relationship with my mother and the impact that it had on me.’

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