Rapper Ja Rule Continues To Defend His Role In Fyre Festival: I Won’t Be Talking About This Sh*t No More!

Ja Rule

Rapper Ja Rule Continues To Defend His Role In Fyre Festival: I Won’t Be Talking About This Sh*t No More!

Rapper Ja Rule is still feeling the effects of the Fyre Festival that left dozens of attendees in what was reported as a “refugee camp,” with little to no food. The rapper again defended his involvement with the festival in a series of tweets claiming that he had nothing to do with anything fraudulent.

We reported last week, Rule (Real name Jeffery Atkins), was criticized for making light of the festival in a Instagram post and now, the Grammy nominated artist wants to explain his side one last time. Ja says,

“The next time you guys go to red lobster and get that lobster that don’t look like the one in the commercial or McDonald’s and get that pink Slime that’s supposed to to be beef, lawyer up and sue them for fraud and see how that works for you..”


He continues saying this will be the last time he will discuss the festival and there is no need to question his character because he knows the truth. He continues,

“I won’t be discussing this no more, I know the truth, the ppl who know me and love me know my character, the feds know the law and God knows my heart. You ppl don’t know sh*t. The reason I say it’s false advertising is because of those f*cking tents. When I asked about those tents not being the ones from the picture, I was told emails were sent out and only a few ppl wanted refunds.”


He ends his rant placing all the blame on trech entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, who is currently serving a prison sentence in connection to the festival.

“The reason I say it’s not fraud is because the festival was NOT a fraud. Billy fraudulently doctored agreements to get money from investors that’s why he’s in prison. Nothing to do with ME.”

Earlier this month, we reported Ja Rule was seen at a New Jersey concert was encouraging fans to release any frustration they have with him by holding their middle fingers up. He jokingly announced to the crowd,

“I know you all been watching a lot of documentaries and sh*t. Y’all might be a little mad at a n*gga, I’m here to say sorry. I want y’all to repeat after me. Get it out your f*cking system, we not going to do this sh*t for the rest of the year. Now get your m*therf*cking middle fingers up.”

Should Ja Rule face any consequences for his involvement with the festival? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Gregory Molette