Wendy Williams Isn’t Ashamed Of Her Body: I have perky boobs & a flat belly + Says T.I. Wears Shoe Lifts To Make Himself Taller

Wendy Williams Isn’t Afraid Of Her Body + Her Response to T.I.

Wendy Williams has responded to some of the attention recently surrounding the photos circulating of her vacationing in Barbados. The talk show host says,

I was just in Barbados with my husband on vacation. The paparazzi caught me. T.I. referenced my lack of behind.

She continues,

Yes, I’m 53. And yes I still dip it and do it in a bikini with perky boobs and a flat belly. And if I got no behind, I can buy it like the rest of you’ll.  Well, I mean, I don’t want front and back. I mean, I’m done with that. I have a flat behind. I talk about it all the time. I’m shaped like a capital P. I can joke about myself, before you ever joke with me. 

When asked how she felt about some of the criticism she responded,

I don’t care when people talk about the way I look. As long as I love what I see when I get out the shower. As long as he loves what he sees when I slip into bed. And as long as my son is not embarrassed by overweight or underweight mommy, I’m good. 

Wendy Williams Isn't Ashamed Of Her Body: I have perky boobs & a flat belly. I'm shaped like a capital P.

Responding to T.I.’s posts about her bikini body, she stated that she heard he wore ‘lifts’ to make himself appear taller.

You know when a short man puts lifts in his shoes, to be a little taller. Maybe I should wear butt pads, to give me some more a**. 

The Wendy Williams Show returns on Monday for a new season.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams