K.Michelle: I’m Getting Rid Of My Fake Booty

K.Michelle: I'm Getting Rid Of My Fake Booty


K.Michelle: I’m Getting Rid Of My Fake Booty

K.Michelle is going all natural! The reality star/singer, who recently released her fourth studio album titled Kimberly: The People I Used to Know, says that she’s no longer interested in having a fake butt. In fact, early next year, she says she’s having a procedure to have ‘foreign objects’ removed from her behind. Revealing how she feels about the physical changes that she made to her body she says,

I think it was a trend for me. Even January 12th, I literally have to lay down again to get these foreign objects out of my body.

She continues,

We all go to the same doctor. It’s the same doctor everybody in the industry goes to. The same doctor to get they’re butt done and now we’ve lost weight, we’ve had kids and other things like that and our butt is going another direction as well. Now you gotta correct it. And now you gotta go fix it.

When asked if she’s getting it removed or just altered, she says,

I was altering. Now I’m getting it completely out on the 12th of January.

She blames her own ‘insecurity’, as to why she had her butt enhanced.

What do you think about K.Michelle’s decision to have a natural butt? 

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Authored by: Kellie Williams