Kanye West – Staffers Leave Donda Academy Amid Rapper’s Antisemitic Rhetoric & Backlash: Staff Members Of The Jewish Faith Were Lost

Kanye West – Staffers Leave Donda Academy Amid Rapper’s Antisemitic Rhetoric & Backlash: Staff Members Of The Jewish Faith Were Lost


Staffers from Kanye West’s Donda Academy have chosen to step down and resign following the rapper’s antisemitic comments!

Malik Yusef – friend of Kanye West and administrator at Donda – confirmed the news to sources. He revealed,

“Staff members of the Jewish faith were lost.. I know we had a couple people of the Jewish faith who worked there [who] basically recused or resigned in light of public pressure from, I am sure, friends and family. You got to go with your team when your family is saying it’s not possible to stay there. What Kanye said was ridiculous.”

Among those who have reportedly left is highly-regarded education consultant Tamar Andrews. According to sources, she is also a notable figure at two other Jewish schools. Andrews, who held a prominent position at the school and has been employed there for three months, resigned and had her last day with Donda Academy on Oct. 11.

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While discussing the anti-Jewish remarks made by Kanye West, Malik Yusef told sources,

“Critical thinking is what Donda is about, and I don’t think Kanye applied critical thinking.”

On October 26, parents of the unaccredited K-8 private Christian school received an email that the learning institution was closing “effective immediately.”

Principal Jason Angell wrote in the email:

 “There is no school tomorrow…At the discretion of our Founder, Donda Academy will close for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year effective immediately.”

However, just four hours later, parents received another email saying that school was back on and would be in session the following day  (Oct. 27). The updated email read:

“Join us tomorrow morning in worship for the return of Donda Academy. With the help of our parents and community, we are back and returning with a vengeance!”

The email continued,

“The children of Donda are going to change the world. Apologies for the late email! See you bright and early!”

Despite the controversy and backlash, Yusef has good feelings about the school’s future success.

“I believe [Donda] comes back better and stronger. It is the legacy of [West’s] mother. Dr. West would take a step back. She would not want the school to be shut down.”

Unfortunately, not everyone is so forgiving. As previously reported, Kanye West has been facing a domino effect of terminated partnerships in recent weeks due to his controversial comments about George Floyd’s death, Black people, and Jewish people.

In addition to big corporations such as Adidas and Balenciaga dropping him, Kanye is receiving backlash in almost every aspect of his career. As you may recall, the Chicago rapper’s Donda Academy basketball team will no longer be able to participate in a major tournament due to the recent controversy. According to reports, the Scholastic Play-By-Play Classics announced team Donda has been removed from this season’s schedule, claiming Kanye West’s,

“words and actions violate our values as a company and a country, and what we seek to ensure at all of our events — a spirit of diversity, sportsmanship, inclusion, equity and mutual respect.”

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No word yet on exactly how many staffers have resigned from Donda Academy.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole