EXCLUSIVE: Usher Wants ‘Jane Doe’ Lawsuit Over Alleged Herpes Dismissed


EXCLUSIVE: Usher Wants ‘Jane Doe’ Lawsuit Over Alleged Herpes Dismissed

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Usher has filed a motion to dismiss Jane Doe’s (a woman who has refrained from identifying herself to the public) claims accusing him of having unprotected sex and putting her at risk of contracting the Herpes virus.

The singer says ‘Jane Doe’ doesn’t live in California, where the suit was filed along with Quantasia Sharpton and a ‘John Doe’ (who has also refrained from identifying himself to the public).

Usher claims Jane Doe did not show up to her deposition in California, which was scheduled and she has refused to appear.

Further, he says the witnesses and evidence related to Jane Doe’s claims are located out of state. Usher is demanding all claims by Jane Doe be dismissed against him .

He is also seeking a court order to seal confidential documents including docs that reveal Jane Doe’s identity, location and personal medical history.

He says if the information was made public, it could compromise her privacy and cause embarrassment and distress without providing any meaningful benefit to the public. In short, he says that given the sensitive nature of this information (especially Jane Doe’s medical history) it could result in her being harassed, ridiculed and discriminated against.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams