Wendy Williams: All Tamar Braxton Wants Is Attention!

Wendy Williams: All Tamar Braxton Wants Is Attention!

Wendy Williams: All Tamar Braxton Wants Is Attention!

Tamar Braxton is claiming her sisters, Traci, Toni, and Tawanda Braxton, and the editing team, are creating fake storylines to assist with depicting her husband, Vince Herbert, to look like the villain of the new season of Braxton Family Values. In return, Tamar is choosing not to promote for the new season, which originally aired Thursday (March 22nd).

Recently, daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams weighed in on the current chaos that is the Braxton’s. Stating that Toni nor Tamar were present for their promotional stop in New York, and Tamar has been seeking “attention.” She explains,

She suffers from all the girls in the family. and she’s the youngest [syndrome]. I remember the first time I met Tamar, she sucked the life out of the studio. I was on the radio, interviewing Toni Braxton for the Toni Braxton situation. But I couldn’t help but notice there was one other person in the studio and that was this girl, fidgeting, popping, and locking in the corner. The light was even in her direction, but yet I could see her.

She continues,

And I was like, ‘Toni, wait, can you move over for a second? Young lady, can you come here? Who are you? Well, I’m Tamar.’ And I’m in my head, I’m like, and a star is born.

Williams then went on to discuss her views on why Tamar is choosing not to do press. She says,

She’s not doing press because apparently, their after Vince – for whatever reason. Did she shave her hair because she’s going through something with Vince? No, in my mind, Tamar is a classic case for somebody who will do anything for attention.

Do you agree or disagree with Wendy’s comments?


Authored by: Kellie Williams