Sinbad Criticizes Iggy Azalea: ‘Don’t imitate us.’ Says Hollywood Never Liked Bill Cosby


Power 105’s The Breakfast Club never disappoints with it’s honest, straight with no chaser interviews. This week, legendary comedian Sinbad, best known for his role as Walter Oaks in the iconic 90s sitcom, A Different World was no exception.

Charlamagne Tha God emphatically welcomed Sinbad to the show by making it known that his co-hosts did not want him on the show due to his relevance, or lack there of, with the younger generation of listeners. What we got however was a surprisingly refreshing and unfiltered take on Sinbad’s views and beliefs on today’s popular culture. He held nothing back as he discussed his take on how our beloved A Different World was not supposed to happen; the ever-growing Bill Cosby controversy, Iggy Azalea and what he feels is her fraudulent representation of an urban rapper.

Peep the excerpts below.

On A Different World:

Sinbad: At one time A Different World was bigger than The Cosby Show. This show was not supposed to happen. Remember, Hollywood hated Cosby. That show was not supposed to happen. When they put it on the air they said it was stupid. Remember there were no comedies on the air. Sitcoms were done. Every network, even NBC, turned it town. Magnum P.I. was supposed to take The Cosby Show out. Then Magnum P.I. got cancelled. Know what I love about Cosby? He never talked trash. He simply said, “we’ll see.”

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On the current Bill Cosby controversy:

Charlamagne: You said that Hollywood never liked Bill Cosby?

Sinbad: He was too powerful. Think about it. They took his show away. Took his Netflix comedy away. Not to put down any woman because rape is real, when it happens to women its real. When you know somebody and you heard somebody killed somebody and that’s your

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta