Wale Pens Open Letter To Meek Mill

Wale & Meek Mill

Wale Pens Open Letter To Meek Mill

Meek Mill and Wale have shared more than an exchange of conversations during Mill’s time of incarceration. Aside of being label mates on Rick Ross’ MMG, the pair have had their fare share of blows via social media. Often, leaving fans to wonder if their relationship was deemed rectifiable.

Here’s the backstory: According to reports, in 2014 Mill took shots at Wale for not supporting the release of his sophomore album – “Dreams Worth More Than Money.” The two had an exchange of words, and was later resolved by Ross. It wasn’t until 2015 when Wale addressed what took place a year prior. He said,

We went through a little rough patch or whatever but that’s family. We’re just a brotherhood. We’re both competitive. We both want to be the best.

Within the same year, Wale did a Breakfast Club interview, critiquing Drake and Meek Mill’s beef. Mill fired back at Wale via Instagram. The post has since been deleted. In March 2017, the two amended their differences. Wale tweeted his white flag, asking to put the “BS aside.”

In November 2017, Meek Mill was sentenced 2-4 years in prison over a probation violation – on two cases that were dropped – by Judge Genece Brinkley. Since then, several of his peers – Jay-Z, Wale, T.I., Rick Ross, and Kevin Hart – have reached out in support Mill’s unjust sentencing.

Earlier this week, Wale took it a step further on Wednesday by penning a heartfelt message to Mill. He wrote,

Spoke to my dawg for grip Yesterday … it’s funny how nobody knows how close we are or what we been through. It’s really deeper than rap . We look back and laugh at the dumb shyt and we welcome the endless possibilities of our future with open arms . The silver lining in this fucked up situation is the clarity and wisdom he has gained.

He continued,

The silver lining for me is realizing what(or who) is real. I the end there barely is a silver lining in such an unjust situation but the conversation we’ve been having have inspired me on levels I deemed unattainable at one point. I’m grateful for the ups and downs because God /Universe will bless you directly and indirectly . Ill see u real soon my brova. Ps. I always feel weird about saying “free____” because the body can be captured but the mind can remain elusive when there is clarity.


Authored by: TJB Writer