Keke Palmer – I’ll be that b**** if that means I have to stand for me

Keke Palmer Speaks On Dealing With Depression, New Music and Trey Songz

Apart from her steady work in music and acting, Keke Palmer has had her share of personal and professional struggles. During a sit down with The Breakfast Club, the multi-talented, 24-year-old spoke honestly about her battle with depression, new single “Bossy” and if she and Trey Songz were able to reconcile. Last year, the Star actress accused him of using her image/likeness in his music video for the song “Pick Up the Phone” without her permission, and stated that he used “sexual intimidation.” Peep  excerpts from the interview below.

On dealing with depression:

When you name the demons in your life, then you can eradicate them. But before you name them, they can haunt you forever. Now that you know that it was anxiety, you can just say ‘oh that’s that anxiety, that’s the Jimmy Cricket in my head going off, and that’s over with.’ But when you don’t know how to name something you blame everything on you.

On the Trey Songz incident:

I think everybody has such a perception of black women being so strong that we are somebody to take anything thrown at us, and then when we don’t, we are weak. Well no, I’m supposed to get beat down by everybody that comes near me, no. I’ll be that b**** if that means I have to stand for me, and show other young women that you should not let other people take advantage of you no matter who they are, I don’t care if it was the damn President, I would have still posted the s***.

On how beauty in viewed in the industry :

I was the first black Cinderella on Broadway, I had the number one show on Nickelodeon, youngest person to ever have their own talk show, written a book, all these different things, and the only magazine that’s ever put me on the cover is Essence. I’m not crying about that, that’s not a sad thing to me. But we have to also understand when we are put in these positions, that look at the end of the day, don’t ask or beg for people to acknowledge you or love you. If I don’t get nominated for a Oscar ever, if I don’t get nominated for a Grammy ever, I’m good with the NAACP.

On her ideal man:

I really do like tall guys, but if somebody was short I wouldn’t be like, ‘it would never happen’, I’m talking about ideal guy. I’m attracted to tall, I’m attracted to funny, I’m attracted to affectionate, and I’m attracted to family, family oriented. I like somebody who loves their momma and brothers and sisters.

On her new music:

It’s levels.. My last project [the] “Lauren EP” was all about the personal side of me, this project “Bossy” is all about the bossy side of me. It’s about letting people know what I’m about, I know who I am and this is what I’ve sacrificed to be here and it’s going to keep on going. Not only that, but hey, I’m doing it on my own label, I’m not waiting for anybody I’m not doing anything like that, and I’m also opening up to my peers. It’s not just about me, it’s about all also creating a movement, a wave.

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