Anita Baker Was Rude To My Mom, Says Black Lightning Actress China Ann McClain

Anita Baker Was Rude To My Mom, Says Black Lightning Actress

Actress China Ann McClain recently called out R&B singer Anita Baker for being “rude” to her mother during a recent encounter in a passport application office. The Black Lightning star wrote on social media,

Wow.. My mom unfortunately just met Anita Baker and she was so rude.. She like, started yelling at my mom for saying she liked her music. Wow. So disappointing. @Iamanitabaker

Anita Baker

Without skipping a beat, Anita Baker responded back with quite a different recollection of the encounter. She wrote,

No1 knew me or Noticed me No entourage No special Attention Just quietly filling out my passport app…. unTIL? A VERY LOUD, person Announces 2 the Entire office, that I’m some V.I.P/which, I am not & AlSO? Announces “They are VIPs doing a movie or S’thing

Baker added,

Lordy Gawwwwd #HireAPublicist

In a not so subtle way Anita called out China’s mom for being not only loud but very extra. And with that comment, China responded to Baker,

My mother is a pro, Ms. Baker. She knows how to QUIETLY compliment someone, which is what happened (there were only like 8 people there)
However.. God knows the truth. The Word teaches us to love & respect one another and that’s not what you did today. God bless. @iamanitabaker


By -Jeanine Cruz

Authored by: TJB Writer