50 Cent’s Estranged Son Marquise Jackson Says $80K A Year In Child Support Is Not Enough To Sustain NYC Lifestyle


50 Cent, Marquise Jackson

50 Cent’s Estranged Son Marquise Jackson Says $80K A Year In Child Support Is Not Enough To Sustain NYC Lifestyle


Marquise Jackson — the eldest son of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson — claims the amount of money he received each month in child support from his father was not enough.

Marquise Jackson recently took to Instagram Live with entrepreneur and former rapper Choke No Joke to express his frustrations about his father and his child support payments. According to him, the $6,700-a-month he received from 50 Cent wasn’t enough to maintain the lifestyle he claimed he needed in New York City as well as being related to the the rapper turned mogul.

“You’re talking about a Forbes lister, you’re talking about someone that has problems with everybody, you can’t just live in any neighborhood, $81,000 is not a substantial amount of money. You can’t just live anywhere. You talking about you got beef with everybody in the industry, you can’t just live anywhere.”

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Choke No Joke interjected by telling Marquise if his dad is putting up $6,700 per month in child support payments, then his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, should make up the the other half, making the total monthly child support amount $13,400. Choke argued Tompkins should be responsible for looking after her son also, but Marquise continued to claim the money wasn’t sufficient.

Marquise then asked Choke:

“If I told you right now you gotta start your life over right now with $6,700-a-month and rebuild your life, can you do it?”

Choke replied saying he could do it. However, Marquise wasn’t buying it.

“Choke, you gotta stop comparing it. You comparing it to yourself, bro. You’re comparing it to your standard of lifestyle. You can’t do that.”

He added,

“I know what it feels like to have nothing, alright. I jumped out of a burning house. I had nothing. I had to rebuild my life over with $6700 a month.”

In defense of her son, Shaniqua Tompkins recently did an interview on Streetz945atl where she discussed her child’s remarks and provided some insight on things that have transpired over the years. In her interview, Tompkins revealed that during the court proceeding for child support and custody, she and her son experienced a terrible house fire.

“We had a house fire during the court proceedings and we lost everything and he [50 Cent] got the insurance money. He was trying to kick us out the house.. We lost everything. We jumped out of a second story building and he got his insurance money.”

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Although they came to an agreement at the time, Tompkins claims 50 Cent didn’t see Marquise in over a year and did not keep up with his visitation rights.

Throughout the years the relationship between 50 Cent, Marquise and Shaniqua has been strained.

In 2020, the “Candy Shop” rapper spoke about his family drama during an Instagram Live interview with Van Lathan, in which he said Tompkins’ beef with him was inherited by his son.

“It is sad, it’s a sad situation. When you pray for success, you don’t necessarily pray for the things that come with it. It’s no such thing as success without jealousy, without envy or entitlement … His mom developed an entitlement that cannot be met, filtering that energy through his actual personal interests.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole