EXCLUSIVE: Waka Flocka & Mother Debra Antney Sued By Ex Business Partner

EXCLUSIVE: Waka Flocka & Mother Debra Antney Sued By Ex Business Partner

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Waka Flocka and his mother Debra Antney have been hit with a lawsuit. A man named Anthony Pierce, who claims to be their former business partner, has filed suit demanding $700k in damages.

Pierce says that in 2013, he made one year deal with Antney and her entertainment company, Mizay Entertainment. He provided $100,000 capital to the company in exchange for 10% of money generated from the management of her artists.

However, he says that five days after the deal was signed, Antney dissolved the company telling him it was due to legal issues. After dissolving the company, Pierce says she never amended their agreement to reflect the change.

Mona Scott Young, Debra Antney

He also says that later that year, he entered into another business deal with her and her son, Waka. He says he partnered with them to launch a company called Be100 Radio. The company was to search for talent in different cities across the counter and help rebuild Antney’s brand.

In the court docs, he claims he loaned Antney money over a period of three years to help pay the staff and the operating expenses. He says Antney continued to be embroiled in her lawsuits and was not financially secure. He says in May 2014, Antney promised to reimburse him from money she expected from her lawsuit against French Montana.

Wake Flocka Flame

During their business dealings, he says a partner in the business pulled out. Despite this, he continued to cover the costs stating that he was afraid that their business would fall subject to fraud claims and potentially implicate him. Prior to filing the lawsuit, Pierce said he attempted to discuss the matter with Waka’s managers, but to no avail.

In the suit, he says Antney defrauded him, engaging in evasive tactics, hiding her money and profits received from royalties in a “curious company” named TAG, which was registered in 2017 despite being illegally operating for several years. He filed suit seeking $700k+ in damages. Waka denies all allegations of wrongdoing and wants the suit dismissed.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams