[Exclusive] Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Reveals What Ended Friendship With Quad Webb-Lunceford, Drama With New Cast + Reality TV Pressure

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BRAVO’s Married to Medicine has returned with new faces, new drama and more entertainment. One of the more surprising story lines involves cast member and show creator Mariah Huq and her former best friend, Quad Webb-Lunceford. In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, Mariah speaks out for the first time about what she believes ended their friendship. The self-proclaimed ‘Queen Bee’ also gives insight on criticism about her mother (Ms. Lucy), Kari Well’s departure from the show and the pressure she’s experience on reality TV.
What’s the real beef between her and designer Reco Chapple? Is she REALLY a producer of the show? Was she responsible for Kari not returning? What does she miss about her friendship with Quad and does she believe she MADE Quad? What lesson did Lisa Vanderpump teach her about friends and TV? Find out in this exclusive interview!

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Jasmine BRAND: How has life changed for you since season two?
Mariah Huq: I’d like to think that that it’s pretty much stayed the same as far as the home front with family, I’m still mom, still wifey but I think when we go out in the public, people recognize us a lot more and recognize the kids and my husband so I think it’s changed in terms of being recognized.
Jasmine BRAND: Personally, has it changed your life at all?
Mariah: Yeah, I don’t think I’ve changed but I think people around you change when you get on TV.
Jasmine BRAND: Initially, what did you envision for Married to Medicine?
Mariah: Initially, I envisioned a group of women that were either married to medicine in terms of their career or married to someone that was a medical doctor. Coming together and being cohesive, talking about their struggles and their sacrifices and you know, you always have drama when there is a group of women together but I just thought it would be just a little more comradery probably.
Jasmine BRAND: What are fans or critics going to see different from you this season?
Mariah: You won’t see as much of me this time. I think they’ll see me a lot on the home front, they see me working my business and they see me kinda back away from the drama a tad bit because it was all surrounded around me and my family last time. This time I wanted people to see another side, the side that they didn’t get to see. The drama out weighed everything last year and I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen this year because I’m a business woman.
Jasmine BRAND: You’ve talked about how you have produced the show, what is your credit now?
Mariah: Well, my credit last season was producer and its tough. A producer means you just produce the show, that’s just what I negotiate. You don’t get what you’re worth, you get what you negotiate. So I pretty much, was like a producer and this season I get Co-Executive producer and Concept By which means I created it. So that was really huge to me because people doubt you, they say ‘this wasn’t her show, she didn’t do this, or she’s lying’ and I had worked 5 years to get this thing up and running. Caste the entire show, working with Bravo and Purveyors of Pop. It was a great mutual benefit so I’m excited.
Jasmine BRAND: What does ‘Concept By’ mean?
Mariah: ‘Concept-by’ means created. That’s really big, I think the only person on Bravo that has ever received that outside of myself is Scott Dunlop which is the guy who created the whole Housewives franchise, so that’s a big deal.
Jasmine BRAND: If Bravo did a ‘Married to Fashion’ would you hold the same title?
Mariah: Yes and No. Its not to the extent that I am with this but she’s still in a little bit.
Jasmine BRAND:  Is Kari is no longer a part of the show?
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