Kanye West’s Producer Mike Dean Addresses Rumors He Quit Working On ‘Donda’ Album

Kanye West’s Producer Mike Dean Addresses Rumors He Quit Working On ‘Donda’ Album

Did Kanye West’s producer quit working on Donda just before its release?

Mike Dean took to Twitter to address his role in the highly anticipated album as fans speculated he was no longer a part of the collaboration for the project.

He wrote,

“I haven’t quit anything. The album continues. Lol. People read too much into tweets. Lol”

Mike Dean has lots of titles under his belt, from audio engineer to multi-instrumentalist. He’s a veteran in the music industry and has collaborated with Kanye West and other artists like Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Madonna, Drake, and 2 Chainz. Rumors that he was done with Donda started when he tweeted, “F*ck this” which has since been deleted.

But fans can now put that speculation to rest. The 56-year-old producer even made fun of the fact that his simple tweet garnered so much attention.

In the meantime, Donda’s release date has been pushed back until August 22nd.

While fans are still waiting for the release, he made millions selling Donda merch at his second listening party earlier this month. He reportedly brought in $7 million thanks to in-person purchases at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

He also made history as 5.4 million tuned in via Apple Music, making it the most-watched live stream in the platform’s history. Kanye West broke his own record for his first listening party on July 23. That event had 3.3 million viewers, which marked the highest at the time.

Authored by: Briana Gabrielle