Nicki Minaj Denies Having A Ghostwriter: I’m Proud Of My Brain!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Denies Having A Ghostwriter

It’s been a wicked weekend in hip-hop. With the tenacious conversation about ghost writers, freestyles, and disses. Nicki Minaj’s lyricism is being called into question. Last week, the Trinidadian was featured on YG’s “Big Bank,” which is a suspected single from his third studio album, “Stay Dangerous.” The Bompton superstar also attached Atlanta’s 2 Chainz and Detroit’s Big Sean. With chatter around the release, Minaj took to Instagram to let her fans know she had new music.

An Instagram user posted a comment on the “Big Bank” photo, questioning if Eminem wrote the “consecutively winning” rapper’s verse for the single. YG stepped into her defense, responding with,


Nicki provided a response to the question, as well. She wrote,

Someone really just asked if Eminem wrote my verse. Thank you @yg for checking him. He deleted it with the quickness. All the REAL rappers in the game know & give me my props.

As the response continued, she provided some insight to being a female in the rap industry,

Y’all try to take away everything from women. But just know: even when it’s no longer “trendy” to write ur own raps, I WILL ALWAYS write my own!!! Even if it means not being able to drop as a frequent as I want to, I’ll NEVER go out like that!!!

She finishes her lengthy response with self-empowerment and props,

I’m proud of my brain. I hold my own with ALL the men in this game. It’s sad y’all always try to take my accomplishments. But anyway, I love & respect these 3 so much. #Queen is on its way. August 10th! #BigBank

The user has since deleted the comment.

With an original release date of June 15th, Minaj switched it up, and re-announced a new release date for her fourth studio album. The album is titled “Queen” with a highly anticipated release date of August 10th. “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li” are the first two singles from the new album.

By -Cadarius Booker

Authored by: TJB Writer