J.Prince On Birdman Owing Him Millions, Tekashi 6ix9ine Trashing His Son & Managing Floyd Mayweather

J. Prince

J.Prince On Birdman Owing Him Millions, Tekashi 6ix9ine Trashing His Son & Managing Floyd Mayweather


James Prince is the CEO of Houston based record label, Rap-A-Lot Records, and now, an author. Prince has been known for his heavy dealings in the music industry, along with his involvement in the early stages of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s boxing career. He recently made headlines when he broke the news on instructing Drake to not respond to Pusha T’s diss, “The Story of Adidon.”

In his latest interview, he details his experience with crooked DEA agents and the conspiracy theory which he donated over $200,000 to – at the time – Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign. He also opens up about his new book, his son’s beef with New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, managing Floyd Mayweather and the millions that Birdman owes. See the excerpts below.

On his new book:

Respect is a deep thing. I named my book The Art & Science of respect because I feel like there is a art and science to respect. Just like there is an art and science to cooking. The art part of it, is the artistic part of things you imagine. The science is the knowledge, the numbers that go into accumulating art. It’s a humility thing when respect is concern. It’s something you give, in order to receive.

Speaking on an experience he details in the book: 

The closet was a situation where I made one of the most important decisions in my life; where I transitioned from the street to corporate America. I gave up the game, and it wasn’t an easy decision. It was spiritual to me. When I was in the game – I’ve always been a praying man – God, give me a sign, before you take my freedom or take my life. In that closet, I was front of that sign. It was time for think of longevity. The sign was I going to self-destruct.

He continues,

In that closet, it was a life or death situation. It’s hard for me to go into detail about it because I’m free, and I want to stay that way. I had to shit or get off the pot. I choose to go the longevity route. Part of my main decision was for my kids. It was a time in my life when I didn’t care. I was in the street to die, it didn’t matter to me. It’s a beautiful to look at your kids and say, ‘Ima do this for y’all.’

Why he choose the music business:

I didn’t really know music was the way out – not a guaranteed thing. I was in the music game for awhile. I knew it was legal, I knew it was a million dollar plan, and I knew I wanted to be millionaire. I also had a love for music.

On separating friendship and business:

There is a fine line for that concern. With me and Andre Ward, for example, our bond was our spirituality. With he and I having that understanding, we allowed that to govern our friendship. I’m a nonsense business man. If we have an agreement while doing business, that’s what it is. A lot of the artist I worked with, I didn’t like.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

On managing Floyd Mayweather, Jr:

I managed Floyd Mayweather for four years. After my contract was up, Floyd moved on to other things.


On rumors that Birdman owes him $12 million:

That’s not totally true. It’s much more than that. I would have to say he paid more than a million, and its actually moving along at a respectable pace. Ain’t no man gone cheat my son, and I allow that to be okay. I don’t want to bash them [Birdman, Cash Money] right now.

His earlier days working with Birdman and Master P:

Them were my students in the game. I shared wisdom and information. And then, I went on to share my son to be apart of a business situation. I believe it’s going to end well.

Jas Prince & Drake

Why he didn’t release Drake through Rap-A-Lot:

I moved on to boxing. My son, Jas Prince, the one that discovered Drake was hanging with Lil’ Wayne. Him and Wayne was cool. I felt like it was a good opportunity for them.

On Drake’s beef with Pusha T:

It’s one thing to bring up a fiancée and another thing to be vulgar when a fiancée is concerned. I feel Pusha T was disrespectful and he crossed the line where music was concerned. He went to Mama, Daddy, a man that’s dying. It’s no question mark in my mind that that’s disrespectful.

When you cross certain lines in the hood, fights and killings take place. I know Drake’s dad, his mom, and 40. If that had of been kept between he and Drake, but to take it there was a pig pen mentality. I understand that mentality. I know how to deal with hogs and pigs.

On informing Diddy and Biggie of what he thought was about to happen before Biggie’s death:

I actually turned my whole bus around just to go back to Puff and Biggie, let em know what I felt and things I heard in the streets. Which was, it wasn’t safe. So when I went there and explained to both of them, I was at peace, at that point.

On if Lil’ Wayne was involved Drake’s next diss to Pusha T’s:

I don’t know about Lil’ Wayne, but he definitely was cocked and loaded. He was ready to fire. I will say this, me and Kanye had spoke. This could have been a career ending situation. It also could have damaged a whole lot of livelihood. For sure, I feel like he [Kanye West] would have been twisted. We are not here for pig pens style. When one hits you with bullets, and disrespects, not too many places go and get down in the mud. That ain’t Drake character.

If he thinks Scarface gets the credibility he deserves:

Well we know how politics happen in the mass circle. There are some advantages where majors are concerned, but if you get in the heart of the streets, I think Scarface got just as much respect as any of them.

If he experiences anxiety:

I don’t know if you call it anxiety, but my mind plays tricks on me many of ways. Coming from where I came from, going through what I went through. Sometimes it plays tricks on me today. When you play with the wolves and been in the jungle, it’s hard not to hear those sounds. But it’s okay because I’ve conquered those things.

On being investigated by the DEA:

No doubt about it. I think the number was 8, instead of 6. This was a hitman, I don’t know a better way to characterize this guy. They chose him and agent Chad Scott, who I think have been indicted on 13 cases. They both of these guys [Jack Schumacher & Chad Scott] on me to wipe me out – to destroy me – to destroy Rap-A-Lot.

He continues,

I say that because one night I left my company, and a DPS agent pulled behind me. It was the first time I ever been stopped one time, told to go to another destination to stop again. This other spot they wanted me to go to was dark; it was a McDonald’s parking lot, and I saw two cars over there. I had homies following me because they sent several threats to me about what they were going do to me. These were so called gangsta agents. They were doing a lot of scandalous things. I went home and thought, ‘I don’t know what they’re trying to do, but it wasn’t good.’

What he found about Schumacher after he started investigating him:

That was before I hired the investigator to investigate Schumacher. After the fact of hiring an investigator, that’s when the information came out. This man has been killing people. We interviewed his lieutenant, said he never trusted him. The murders he committed were always questionable, but the guys he killed, couldn’t talk. Over a decade later, the very DEA & FBI agents are reaching out to me to assist them, with their own.

How he handled the investigation:

What I done was I went to Washington D.C. I wanted to document I was in fear of my life. I wanted to do that for a reason. I wasn’t going to allow a man to kill me, and not defend myself. From there, they made moves because they didn’t want us to interact on the street.

Rumors connecting him to Al Gore:

All of that was a part of the conspiracy to try and railroad me, and that went on at church. I pulled up at church My pastor – pastor West – told me, ‘I want you to meet the Vice President.’ I pulled up, I observe body language. These people with glasses and different things [feds].

Jas Prince & J.Prince

If he is okay with his son being in the music industry:

Yeah, I’m okay with that; definitely under my guidance. We’re more than qualified to deal with it. And speaking of loyalty and respect, it has diminished in a lot of different ways.

Tekashi 6ix9ine

On Tekashi 6ix9ine allegedly taking shots at him:

I haven’t heard him taking shots at me, but if he taking shots at my son, that is me. I always go to the top. I feel like that guy is somewhat of a pawn, being programmed by whoever is over him. The guy he said he has respect for me, but then invited my son to suck all of his private parts. Where I’m from, we don’t want no man sucking on us. But the reality of that is, he come to Houston, all the time. If I really had a problem with him, the very people he come to Houston to visit, would give him to me. What my son(s) were doing were really showing him respect.

His biggest source of income:

It comes from so many different places, it’s hard for me to say. It might change after this interview.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

His relationship between Maxine Waters:

She’s one of my favorite ladies on Earth. She’s a standup individual. If it had not been for her along with Janet Reno where these crooked DEA agents, then I might not be sitting here today. The ultimate respect for Maxine Waters. She stands for right.

By: Cadarius Booker 

Authored by: TJB Writer