Teairra Mari Restraining Order Against 50 Cent Denied

Teairra Mari, 50 Cent


Teairra Mari Restraining Order Against 50 Cent Denied

The Teairra Mari, 50 Cent, Lisa Bloom and Abdul-Ahad case has been quietly chugging on in the courtrooms while not dominating news headlines. As we previously reported, singer/ reality personality  is suing former boyfriend Abdul-Ahad and 50 Cent accusing them of revenge porn. Teairra’s main issue is with her ex-boyfriend Abdul-Ahad, whom she claims he posted a sex tape to publicly humiliate her after she broke up with him.

50 Cent shared a photo of the sex tape aftermath to his over eight million Instagram followers. Teairra Mari now has a pending revenge porn case against the G-Unit boss and Abdul-Ahad via civil rights attorney, Lisa Bloom. The multi-platinum rapper responded to the legal action being taken against him posting a photo of himself sitting and holding hands with Bloom’s famous attorney mother, Gloria Allred, following it up with a caption aimed directly at Bloom. He wrote,

Oh Lisa stop, don’t make me tell your mom. LOL. 

On Thursday, a judge denied a restraining order against 50 Cent. Bloom reportedly said the judge didn’t fulfill her request “because she was not convinced that the photo 50 Cent posted with ejaculate on her face, showed her engaging in a sexual act,” said a confused Bloom.

The attorney added

Common sense dictates that photo of a woman with ejaculated on her face clearly depicts a sex act and is the kind of humiliation the revenge porn law was designed to ban.

Some are confused why Bloom did not understand the judge’s decision. Considering the fact that 50 Cent posted a photo which was the result of a sex act and not in fact, a sex act, was probably the reason the judge ruled against the restraining order. Not one to back down, Bloom recently spoke out against 50 saying,

Apparently 50 Cent’s misogyny and ego are so inflated then he still needs to be school that the law applies to him just like everyone else. I look forward to getting this case before a Los Angeles jury so that it can deliver that lesson to him. We will be seeking a significant punitive damages award to help drive that lesson home to him since he has such trouble understanding it.

None of the other participants have responded in reference to the judge’s restraining order denial. Abdul’s case is scheduled for later this month.

By: DJ Dimond K Show 

Authored by: TJB Writer