Foxy Brown – They Won’t Let My Dad Back In The Country!

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown’s Speaks On Father Who Is Affected By Immigration Policy

Rapper Foxy Brown shocked a lot of her followers and fans when she took to social media to share some unfortunate news about her father.The Brooklyn born rapper shared in a lengthy social media post that her Trinidadian immigrants parents are affected by the immigration policy. Specifically, the police is affecting her father. She explained,

This angel’s BABY C’s age. I’d literally f***ing DIE, torn apart from my daughter! The atrocity at the border is unspeakable; subjecting any child to an environment conducive to horror, speaks volumes of the demonic world we live in.

She continued on and went into details about her parents.

My parents are TRINIDADIAN IMMIGRANTS (educated, sophisticated, hard-working teacher & welder), yup I rock that flag proudly! I too, much like Kanye, were one of the few celebs who didn’t publicly denounce Trump in the beginning, and got f—slaughtered!

Foxy Brown

She added,

Although I DID NOT AGREE with every action, (LET ME REITERATE THAT), DID NOT AGREE with his actions, I respected the art of the deal, politics aside.

Foxy also shared how immigration treated her father during a trip to Trinidad.

Yet our trip to TRINIDAD CARNIVAL ended in horror, (as IMMIGRATION stopped MY FATHER at the airport), and refused him entry back to the US, where he’s lived for 50 something years, married in, and all 3 of his kids (Inga, Gavin & Anton) were born! Trinidad let him through, US won’t let him back in!!!

It sent chills through my family, we fought like hell, quietly, and YES my father’s STILL stuck there! He wasn’t by my side as I’d hoped, as I gave birth to my only daughter. Convo’s are heartbreaking; I tend to end them quickly, his voice sounds so different, spirit sounds broken but undefeated!

Finally, she touched on the current events of children being separated and torn away from their families to this policy.

Seeing these angels torn from their parents, I knew no longer could I fight this in silence. Holding “MY C” so much tighter right now, as my heart bleeds for these babies!

Her post received mixed emotions where some followers were very encouraging regarding her father, while others felt she should have used her voice with her being apart of the entertainment industry. One social media user wrote,

Your fathers story just made my eyes fill up with tears. How devastating! Sending prayers your way.

However another follower felt that Foxy could have done more writing,

You respected a book that the man didn’t even write. You were silent and now your effected. Use your voice next time it may help.

President Donald Trump’s immigration policy which was put in place back in 2017 has had a major impact on families and children.

What do you think of Foxy’s post regarding her father?

By: Kina Lenee Gladney




Authored by: Kellie Williams