Tekashi6ix9ine – Fans Say I Look Like Chris Brown & Trey Songz

Tekashi 6ix9ine Says People Confuse Him With Chris Brown And He Looks Like Trey Songz

Rapper Tekashi6ix9ine is definitely known for not having a filter!! The 22-year-old Brooklyn born artist, who is not afraid to express himself and say what’s on his mind, took to social media to share a very interesting video. He posted a video on his Instagram page with the caption,

In Europe right now… they think I’m Chris brown I can see what they talking about I kinda see it.


In the video Tekashi69 shares that a lot women confuses him with R&B heartthrobs Trey Songz and Chris Brown.

Yeah so a lot of girls tell me I look like Trey Songz and s**t. But like I don’t know. Like…like people be confusing me with like Chris Brown and s**t. I don’t know.


The video caused some very interesting commentary between followers. Some fans agreed with the rapper and one follower left a comment saying,

Lol I thought you’re Chris Brown all the time.

Another follower thinks that he is better looking between both artist.

U finer than both of them , no kap.

However, other followers found his post quite hilarious. One follower stated,

Lol they said him going to the hood at 3 am is like going to a an Ops house for a fade knowing he’s not even home lol goofy.

Another follower left a comment under the video saying that,

I thought u was Justin Bieber switching it up. He’s been gone for a min since u came lol.

Trey Songz caught wind of Tekashi69’s video and couldn’t resist the opportunity of sharing the post on his Instagram page with the caption,


Rapper 2 Chainz left a comment under his post saying,

Hahaa home shot out.

One follower left a comment saying,

What? He’s doing stand up comedy now.

Another follower commented on the video with a series of tear emojis,

Tekashi da Great.

Tekashi recently made headlines when he and Slim Danger, the mother of rapper Chief Keef’s son Zinc, were spotted together. The rapper took Slim out on a $75k shopping spree at Gucci for her birthday. The two rappers have an ongoing beef and have been going back and fourth on social media. Earlier this month, a video surfaced on social media of two while out shopping.

What’s up? This Slim Danger. This Chief Keef baby mama. I’m out here in New York. And guess what, that n***a don’t do s**t for his motherf****n kid.”

He chimes in saying,

You know!! Trey Way here man. If you don’t know how to take care of your girl, n***a gon take care of her for you.


Do you think Tekashi looks like Trey or Chris?

By: Kina Lenee Gladney


Authored by: TJB Writer