XXXTentacion’s Girlfriend Pregnant, Mom Reveals Sonogram


XXXTentacion’s Mother Confirms He Has a Child on the Way

The brutal killing of rising rapper, XXXTentacion continues to weigh heavy on the minds of family, friends and fans. XXX began his music career in 2013 with the release of the song “News/Flock”. By March 2018, he had the number one album in the country. XXXTentacion’s mother has remained strong as the investigation into the murder of her son’s murder has been advancing. She remains an important source of information and updates regarding his death. Last night at a vigil, she revealed that tattoo artist Dedrick D. Williams had been arrested in connection with the crime. On Thursday, via her official Instagram account, XXXTentacion’s mother told the world her son was expecting a child.

His mother, real name Cleopatra Bernard, shocked fans by sharing an ultrasound picture as well. She did not reveal the name of the baby mama-to-be,mother, but the news brings to mind the viral video going around of X speaking about death and his life. The late rapper said,

If I die, I will be born again.

Announcing the news as his “final gift,” there are reports that his girlfriend, who he had been dating for months, is the unborn child’s mother. Allegedly, she is four months pregnant and the woman is NOT his ex girlfriend Geneva.

While it is devastating that the child will grow up without a father, he or she will be able to look back at what XXXTentacion created over his lifetime and hopefully find comfort in his body of work.

Although XXXTentacion’s mother was not always present in his life, he did not seem bitter. Like most kids, the rapper longed for his mother’s attention. On an interview with the No Jumper podcast he said,

My mom just had it hard. Raising a kid was her last priority, so what she did, she passed me from hand to hand to people that could care for me. During that, I wasn’t put in situations that were the best.

Just like he bared his soul in his songs he freely spoke of desiring his mother’s attention.

I chased her. I used to beat kids at school, he explained, using the n-word. . . just to hear my mom yell at me or talk to me.

Until recently, XXX was on house arrest for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, and a dozen other charges including witness tampering. Recently, it seems like he was trying to change his ways. Just an hour before the attack, he had posted an Instagram Story that said, “planning a charity even for this weekend in Florida!” Funeral arrangements for the rapper are forthcoming.

By: DJ Diamond K

Authored by: TJB Writer