Torrei Hart – I Got Married At 23 & Didn’t Get A Chance To Be A Hoe!

Torrei Hart Reveals She Was Suicidal

Torrei Hart – I Got Married At 23 & Didn’t Get A Chance To Be A Hoe!

Torrei Hart is definitely out here living her best life. She is not letting her divorce from ex-husband and comedian Kevin Hart define her. She took to social media to share footage from her latest comedy show. The former reality TV star posted a video on her Instagram with the caption,

Last night was so lit. I want y’all to get to know every side of me. I love my free thinking and the woman I am becoming.

In the video she talks about how it is dating today versus when she was in her early 20’s and being married.

The dating scene is so different, you know what I’m saying? Cause getting married at 23, I ain’t go to college. You know, I didn’t get a chance to be a h** and do all that s**t”.

You can hear the crowd laughing and cheering her on. She continued,

So you know trying to date at 49 and do h** s**t, it just don’t work. You can’t do the same h** s**t.

She went on,

Like these b*****s out here h**ing to another level! You know what I’m saying?! I’m trying to h** with this old p**** and they like we don’t want that s**t”.

The crowd burst into laughter and clapping their hands. You can hear women in the audience relating to what she is saying.

I’m like you don’t want this old p****?! It still work. You know what I’m saying?! (laughing) It do! It do still work. I still drop it like it’s hot!! You seen it and squat!! You saw that!! I did a double dip. You saw that s**t!! These young n***as better recognize 40 is the new 20!! For two seconds anyway ok!! Cause I ain’t gonna be doing too much. 

See the clip below.

Hart isn’t a newbie when it comes to stand up comedy.

Kevin & Torrei with their children circa 2013

Especially, since her ex husband is a comedian and in his past shows has let the audience members in on his personal life and marriage pitfalls. Looks like she took a page out of his book and use a previous performance.

Back in February, a video clip surface of her performing a comedy show. In the clip, she thanked Kevin for an increase in child support payments as well as new cosmetic enhancements.

Not only did he give me a bigger a**, that n***a also gave me a bigger child support check. Clap it up for that n***a, y’all.” She went on to say, “I’ve got seven years, 302 days and 24 hours left of child support. I need you to slow it the f–k down.

What do you think of Torrei’s latest comedy sketch?

By: Kina Gladney 

Authored by: Kellie Williams