[UPDATE] Actor Laz Alonso Clarifies His Stance On Donald Sterling: I made a mistake in speaking before getting all the facts.

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In any online discussion, it’s easy to jump to conclusion and side with the majority. And while most of us are guilty, there are some who express their opinions whether they are popular or not. Actor Laz Alonso pissed a few fans off on Twitter when the 40-year-old shared his view point on the Donald Sterling controversy. Over the weekend, audio was released of Sterling having a private conversation with his then-girlfriend. In short, his comments are considered racist by some. Since news hit, a number of celebrities, including President Obama, have expressed disappointment and outrage.

Laz tweeted his thoughts, which seem to differ from some, igniting a debate on his timeline. The Person of Interest actor wrote:

Why r they makin such a big deal about #DonaldSterling? He was arguing wit his girl who was clearly baiting him 2 say those things @clippers … In arguments of passion & despair people say horrible things they dont truly feel @clippers @ESPNLosAngeles #DonaldSterling … Making racial comments when either #roadraging or #arguing with a lover does not count!!! #Relax #emotions #passion @NBA @ESPNLosAngeles … Everybody acts holier than thou until u do the same. Dude was feeling insecure. End of story