Toya Wright Gave Memphitz 8 ‘Hall Passes’ to Cheat While Married?! [VIDEO]

Memphitz, Toya Wright

Memphitz, Toya Wright

Last night, Memphitz and Toya Wright spilled a bit of tea on what once looked like a picture-perfect marriage on BRAVO’s ‘Untying The Knot’. As you know, the pair jumped the broom back 2011 and unfortunately, separated in 2015.

Toya Wright-Memphitz-Untying the Knot-hall passes-the jasmine brand

Fast forward to the present day and the couple appeared on the show to get someone to mediate and help them fairly divide their marital assets which included vehicles, diamond ring, a watch collection and a camera. Anywho, one of the more surprising moments is when Toya revealed that while they were married, she allowed her then husband Memphitz to have 8 ‘hall passes’.

Toya Wright-Memphitz-Untying the Knot-cheating hall passes-the jasmine brand

Memphitz explained:

She gives me 8 days a year to do what I want to do, no questions asked.

He also wanted an unconventional marriage (where they could live in separate residences). We assume Toya wasn’t really a fan of the ‘Hall Pass’ situation, as she tweeted:

Check out the clip below.


Authored by: Kellie Williams