Cassie & Terrence J Shut Down By Security On Live TV [VIDEO]

Cassie & Terrence J Shut Down By Security During Live TV Interview

Terrence J and Cassie were just minding their business, doing their jobs, when their red carpet interview at the 2018 BET Awards was rudely interrupted by security. The hosts were interviewing R&B singer Tank and his fiance Zena Foster when security barged in and shut them down. It’s unclear what prompted the interruption.

Several Twitter users suggested that the officer was not a real cop and that the entire scenario could have been staged to bring light to the recent occurrences in which people have been calling the cops on black people for no reason.

Other users thought the incident was 100% real and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Either way, we must admit that this was an awkward moment.

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By: Eleven8

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