We Are Finally Getting The “How High” Sequel We’ve Been Begging For

“How High” Sequel In The Works

It’s been 17 years but it appears we are finally getting the “How High” sequel we’ve been waiting for. “How High”, starring Method Man and Redman as two underachievers who got into Harvard after they accidentally smoke the ashes of their very smart friend,  hit theaters on December 21, 2001. It only brought in $31.28 million at the box office, but instantly became a cult classic and solidified itself as one of the best stoner films of all time.  Since then, fans have been promised that a sequel would come out, but it never came.

Now it appears that is about to change. According to reports, MTV has teamed up with Universal 1440 Entertainment to order the film’s follow up. The movie will be written by Artie Johann and Shawn Ries and will be about two young business-minded stoners in Atlanta who uncover a government conspiracy while trying to find their missing weed.

There’s no word on whether or not Method Man or Redman will be involved in the film’s sequel.

Will you still be down to watch if there’s no Meth and Red?

By: Eleven8

Authored by: Eleven8