Idris Elba Announces New Record Label, Introduces His First Act

Idris Elba Announces New Record Label & Introduces His First Act

Idris Elba is taking the music business very seriously. The actor turned DJ and rapper has just launched his own record label, 7Wallace Music, and announced his very first signee, a French artist by the name of James BKS.

James BKS has produced for the likes of Talib Kweli and Diddy. He also owns the Paris creative house, Grown Kid, which has composed music for Yves Saint-Laurent, Giorgio Armani and Prada commercials. Idris had nothing but great things to say about his new signee.

James is a rare find. His hip-hop sensibilities transfer to the other music he makes, he’s a nice person to work with and is gonna be a strong artist in the future. It’s a huge move for 7Wallace, a small indie label.

Interestingly enough, 7Wallace’s Instagram page (@7.wallace) has existed since March 2018 and in April, James BKS let his fans know that he and Idris were definitely up to something major.


It looks like Idris has been working on this moment for a long time. James BKS’ first single on 7Wallace is titled “Kwlele” and will be released July 13.

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