Wale In Car Accident


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Wale Tweets After Surviving Car Crash Says: I Been Ungrateful…I’m Thankful

Music fans have had a rough time this year. 2018 has seen one of hip hops brightest star extinguished with the murder of XXXTentacion and the loss of other talented artist. However, DMV rapper Wale is
thankful to still be in the land of the living after a car crash over the weekend. Wale took to Twitter to reveal that he was caught in an accident recently. On Saturday (July 14th) he tweeted,

Just got in a car accident and it could have been way worse. 

Man thank God for these reflexes cuz I was loafin in the back seat. 

I been ungrateful … I’m thankful.

Many of the rappers fans were worried.

“Glad you are ok Wale! Please be careful and get a check up if you feel in pain,” one said.

A near death experience has a tendency of reminding someone what is really important in life. These kind of experiences give artists inspiration. Wale is in the studio hard at work on a new project. Recently, the Washington, DC based rapper released a solid four track EP called “Self Promotion.” After 12 years on the national music scene, many thought the “Lotus Flower Bomb” rapper was going to stay independent. However, Wale has proudly announced the signing of a new record deal with Warner Brother Records, the parent home of his former label, Atlantic Records.

Thirty minutes after the car crash, Wale was on stage at the Washington DC hotspot Bliss. Even though he was shaken-up, he did not want to disappoint his fans. Running thru many of his hits for a
excited hometown crowd.


By:  DJ Diamond K

Authored by: Kellie Williams