EXCLUSIVE: Drew Sidora Says She ‘Didn’t Plan On Showing Marriage Issues’ On RHOA, Explains Her Part In #StripperGate & Talks Feud With Kenya Moore & ‘Fan’ LaToya Ali

Drew Sidora, LaToya Ali, Kenya Moore

EXCLUSIVE: Drew Sidora Says She ‘Didn’t Plan On Showing Marriage Issues’ On RHOA, Explains Her Part In #StripperGate & Talks Feud With Kenya Moore & ‘Fan’ LaToya Ali

Drew Sidora is opening up about her marital woes playing out on her first season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, the criticism she’s received for her role in “The Game”, and what happened the night of Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party.

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, Drew Sidora explained that on her first day of filming, she and her husband Ralph Pittman had an anniversary dinner that ended with Drew Sidora asking him about his whereabouts when he disappeared for three days.

“When Ralph and I got in that argument, and I got up from the table, I felt like he was kind of embarrassed of. me. I was like ‘That’s not what we’re doing for the cameras.’ So when I walked away before, I’m done, cut. And I took off my mic. The cameras followed me in my room with the boom [mic]. I was like ‘I said cut!’ In my world, it’s done. But in reality, that was an adjustment I learned day one. We’re here, we’re catching everything. What you wanna show what you don’t wanna show. That was scary. I didn’t plan on showing my marriage issues. “

She said instead, she thought she would show black love and a God-fearing couple.

“That was hard. And it still is.”

She revealed that they’re currently in counseling.

Drew Sidora received lots of attention after she handed fellow newcomer LaToya Ali an autographed headshot of her in response to the YouTuber making fun of her hair.

Drew Sidora told us:

“Hollywood actresses always have a stack of headshots for auditions. You never know who you may run into. We’re programmed to have those. And I was kind of feeling fan vibes. I’ll be honest… I’m like, she doesn’t like me from ‘The Game.’ She really watched, she feels some type of way. Then she’s talking about my wig. She’s really paying attention to me, so that’s how I respond… Let me just bless her, just bless her heart. ‘Cause she’s not here for any other reason but to watch Drew Sidora… I hope she has it hanging on her wall in her bedroom.”

When asked if they’re on good terms now, Drew Sidora said:

“I know where to put her… We’ll have to talk a little later. You ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m trying to say less ’cause once I get going,…but you guys will get to know her and see her for who she is.”

Fans’ disappointment with Sidora resurfaced when “The Game” was added to Netflix’s catalog last year. Many fans were upset that Drew Sidora served as the beginning of the demise between Melanie (Tia Mowry) and Derwin (Pooch Hall).

“It was mayhem. But I’m so grateful and appreciative.”

She also said she’s open to being a part of the show’s upcoming reboot.

“If they call me, absolutely. I would. I love ‘The Game’, I love all co-stars and Mara Brock-Akil and Salim Akil…”

Another role Sidora is known for is playing Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins in TLC’s VH1 biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. She called that role her “most challenging” as she was nervous because the ladies were so involved in the film. She also had to train rigorously considering she had just had a baby and the actresses wore TLC’s actual costumes.

The Chicago native is also doing philanthropic work behind the scenes. Her organization Dream Makers helps serve as a creative outlet to teach the youth how to express themselves.

“They build up so much of a wall due to the trauma they’ve experienced. Studies have shown that [the] arts brings down those emotional barriers.”

She said she teaches acting workshops, her mother, who’s a pastor provides counseling, Hollywood producers come in to provide sessions and Drea Kelly also conducted a workshop to help young women exude their confidence.

Drea Kelly

Drew Sidora experienced a first on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She confessed that Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party was the first she had ever attended.

“That was my first bachelorette party ever. I had never been to a bachelorette party. I didn’t really know what to expect.”

She said her mother told her that what happens at a bachelorette party should stay there as it’s a chance to celebrate the bride before her big day.

Sidora said there was no confidentiality agreement for the party. She explained how she was involved in the after-hours festivities and said,

“I had gone in my room ’cause I thought we were done [filming]… I’ll share this with you, I haven’t told anybody this. Kandi [Burruss] sent me a text that was like ‘Hey, come back. Hang out.'”

She said she was on the phone with her husband and he encouraged her to go hang out with the ladies because she joined the season later than the rest. She said she soon saw some of her co-stars interacting with stripper Bolo, who was hired for the event.

“By the time I came back out, they had already covered the cameras, I didn’t even know… So I just saw Bolo, he was giving everybody lap dances. So I was just like, ‘Okay.’ Honestly my heart was beating. I was like ‘He’s gonna come to me and I’m not gonna know what to do with that…’ But when it came my turn, I was like ‘I’m not gonna be no punk!’…I didn’t know how to twerk so the ladies were showing me how to twerk on the vacation. In my mind, I was like, let me put it all out there, the girls are gonna tell me how I did, and I’m gonna take all this back to my husband.”

Drew Sidora, Cynthia Bailey

She said of her experience with Bolo:

“He flipped me over the coffee table, he put me on the counter in the kitchen. When they showed the promo I was like ‘Are those my legs in the air?’ I didn’t know. Maybe they were, maybe they’re not. I was proud of what I did. The girls were rooting me on. Shamea [Morton] was like ‘Go girl!’ I was like, I’ve been in the house seven months. It’s been COVID. I had three achilles ruptured surgeries. I’m not feeling my most confident self, but I’m gonna have fun. I had a great time. I didn’t feel it was anything bad from what I saw… [One girl] was thirsty. She had her tongue out looking for something to lick…”

Kenya Moore

She didn’t name that co-star but continued and spoken Kenya Moore’s claims that two of the women hooked up with Bolo.

Everything else was like sexy, we’re having fun.’ And the next day when Kenya [Moore] was saying that I was shocked… I must have missed something. I personally didn’t see anything of the sort between Bolo and an alleged two women having sex…I saw a bachelorette party. I saw one person that had her tongue hanging out and she was licking… It was all PG. Nobody was really trying all of that. . She ended up in my toilet throwing up…Ain’t nobody want that tongue nowhere…I think she tried to say I kissed her. I didn’t kiss that. You was throwing up in my toilet. You’re disgusting. You’re absolutely disgusting. It was just one person who I saw who could’ve taken it there. I don’t know if she did or not.”

She said she didn’t see any lines crossed how Kenya Moore alleged and said,

“Maybe [Kenya] didn’t get enough lap dances with Bolo cause she had to tend to her responsibilites with her daughter. I felt like maybe she wanted to have sex with Bolo. It seems like it came out of left field. I was so disappointed because it was one of the few times we all got along and had fun. Then she turned it into something negative.”

She continued,

“I’m still trying to get to know Kenya. I don’t even know who the real Kenya is… I feel like Kenya is a beautiful person…It was disappointing for me that she wouldn’t even give me a chance. She hasn’t shown me her true self. I feel at times she’s not being real. I don’t know what it is, I haven’t been able to connect with her.”

When asked if she’ll attempt to make peace at the reunion, she said:

“I have a lot of questions… I think it was even disappointing for me because when I was around her and we were filming, she wasn’t saying these things to my face. So I was just discerning like, she’s not really being nice to me. She’s kind of being controlling. Like telling me things and then telling me don’t tell anybody. Like, kind of controlling in a way. And we just weren’t connecting. I tried. I literally tried. When I started watching it back… she was literally talking about me before I even met her. I think I was walking in the door… I do want to ask her about that. Why were you passing judgment on another black woman before even getting to know me?”

Drew Sidora

As for what viewers can expect from the rest of the season, Sidora said it’s only the beginning.

“The next episode, at this dinner, that’s gonna be a lot within itself. I feel like that’s gonna be a whole episode. It was a lot that came out at that dinner that’s gonna have your jaw dropping.”

She continued,

“Wait until the end of the season. That’s when it gets so real. I know we’re gonna talk again. It was something that I never expected… it was mindblowing. It’s gonna be very sad that this took place.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays on Bravo at 8/7c. 

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