City Girls Member Yung Miami Opens Up About JT Going to Jail: I Get Bored, I Find Myself Getting Lazy

JT, Yung Miami

City Girls Member Yung Miami Opens Up About JT Going to Jail: I Get Bored, I Find Myself Getting Lazy

It’s no secret Miami’s hottest new rap duo called the City Girls have taken rap and added their own scheming twist to it. Caresha “Yung Miami” Brownlee and Jatavia “JT” Johnson introduced themselves to the rap game with their lead single “F*ck Dat Ni–a,” which premiered on the Quality Control compilation mixtape in 2017.

As the single garnered attention, the women’s stumbled upon rap careers have been taken to new heights.

Recently, the duo had to go their separate ways due to JT turning herself in to serve a two year sentence for credit card fraud charges. JT turned herself in the same day (June 29th) Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ was released to streaming platforms, the album which also enlists the social media obsessed and Billboard #1 single “In My Feelings,” featuring the City Girls.

While both of the women have only been rapping for eleven months, the girls have large plans and expectations for themselves. With an eagerness to be one of rap’s most “iconic” duo, Yung Miami feels it’s becoming more and more difficult to continue her career at the same pace without her better half.

Yung Miami

In between studio sessions and other interviews, Yung Miami opened up about her new reality adjustment, growing up in Miami, her life before signing a deal with QC, and more.

How she’s been keeping busy, along with the readjustment being without JT:

I just keep doing everything we were doing before she left. I be getting bored and find myself getting lazy. I just wanna lay down.

Growing up in Miami:

My childhood was an adult childhood. “[I’d go] to block parties and clubs. Everything in Miami closes late. A regular strip club closes at like 5:30 or 6 a.m. A teen club was closing at 2. We teenagers! What we gonna do outside of the house at 2 o’clock in the morning?

How she received her introduction to trap music:

My little boyfriend used to take me to school every day, so I grew up listening to a lot of trap music.

Prior to inking her deal with QC, Yung Miami was selling clothes on Instagram called Caresha’s Collection. She reflected,

My name’s Caresha and it was my collection. Eleven months ago, I was just on Instagram selling clothes, and now I’m on a song with Drake.

Getting signed to QC:

We only had two songs when they signed us. When we got signed, we said to each other, ‘Man, we ain’t no rappers for real. We finna sign this contract like we playin’ with these people!’

 JT being sentenced to prison:

It’s a minor setback for a major comeback because it’s a movement. Everybody know JT now. When she come back, everyone will be paying attention. When she get out, she gon’ be big. God brought us this

Their career expectations:

We wanna be icons. We wanna be legends. We want people to never forget us. Ten years from now we want to still be hot. We want to be big.

Their first mixtape, ‘Period’ was released May 2018 on all streaming platforms. JT has an expected release date of 2020.

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