Cardi B Defends Pulling Out Tour – My Daughter Is Worth Everything To Me!

Cardi B

Cardi B Defends Pulling Out Tour

Cardi B has been basking in the ambiance of being a new mother, recording in the studio, and boasting about his and her purchases, but social media has not been able to give her a break. Over the weekend, Cardi confirmed she would not be joining Bruno Mars on tour this fall, and ONE Musicfest confirmed Monday she would not be taking the stage in September.

Social media has buzzed about her departures after the “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared an image where she crowed about making the mega purchase of his and her Lamborghini’s, with her husband, Offset. While some fans might be disappointed in her choice to not perform, other social media users have begun to suspect the rapper’s ducks are not in one row.

Social media users began to draw their own conclusions as to why the new mommy has decided to cancel her tour(s), in addition to the people suspecting she leased her new purchase. In regular degular Cardi B fashion, she has responded to a few critics who’ve said anything negative to say about her decision to not perform and about her luxury vehicle purchase. Cardi tried to quiet naysayers about her new acquisition after sharing her bank’s transaction where she went and got the money for her new vehicle, in cash.

One user commented,

Cardi misses out on a tour with Bruno mars cos of a dumb ass nigga, was it worth it, illiterates and hood rats.

Cardi highlighted why it was imperative to point out the real reason as to why she got a new car. She responded,

well I sign about 5 different millions of dollar deals and I have a beautiful daughter that makes me happier then money and everything I ever had so YES IT WAS WORTH IT ! My daughter is worth everything and more. Clearly money ain’t the problem over here.

She also exchanged multiple blows with another user, where she explained,

when somebody mentions my name I can make it my business. You don’t have me to tell me on what to reply to or not ,nobody talking about you nobody is mentioning YOU so why you here? Evidently you the only one here not minding their business telling somebody else how to handled their business.

Cardi often finds herself on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to defending herself against Internet trolls. As Cardi’s schedule has had an increase in demand, due to her being a new mother (doctor’s appointments, tending to a new child in the wee hours of the morning), she has made it clear she is making time for the things which got her to this point, such as going to the studio. One user was empathetic to Cardi’s new journey through motherhood, and Cardi was receptive to the feedback.

She wrote,

yea that new mommy syndrome is real. You literally have to have a baby to understand you wouldn’t understand it even if the baby inside of you. I went to the dentist today and I wanted to cry cause I was missing my daughter.

Why won’t people just let #CardiB live her best new mommy life? ***SWIPE***

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The Love & Hip-Hop alum has recently pulled from her scheduled performances with Bruno Mars and the One Music Fest in Atlanta due to her “underestimating motherhood.” Over the weekend, she shared a message to her followers on Instagram about her reason for choosing not to perform.

Bruno Mars has been receptive to the news, as well. He sent a message to the star on Instagram,

Most important thing is you and your family’s health. I know the fans will understand. You are absolutely doing the right thing. I also know we’ll share the stage when the time is right. We love you Cardi and we will play Bodak Yellow every night in your honor.

One Music Fest confirmed Cardi would not be taking the stage in September in Atlanta via social media. The festival posted a message on Twitter citing,

Cardi B has decided to focus on motherhood and wants to take proper time to recover physically and mentally after the birth of her child. She will not be able to perform at ONE Musicfest this year. We support her decision and understand wholeheartedly. Family & Health first!

#CardiB pulls out of #OneMusicFest to focus on motherhood.

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