Iggy Azalea – Stop Body Shaming Me & My Booty! [VIDEO]

Iggy Azalea – Stop Body Shaming Me & My Booty!

Iggy Azalea is definitely not afraid to show off her body. She is so confident with her shape. She loves to flaunt her curves, especially her backside as of lately. However, the media and many followers have accused the 28 year old rapper of getting butt implants.

She took to social media to shut down rumors regarding her butt being fake and sending messages to those who says she is lying about going under the knife. She posted a series of videos on her Instastory where she is showing and smacking her butt.

She wrote a caption in the first clip saying,

“The fact that I have to violate myself just to block y’all from tryna body shame me”.

In the first clip you can hear a woman who sounds like a close friend in the background saying,

“Sweet Iggs, your butt isn’t perfect?!”

Iggy responded saying,

“No I do have cellulite on it. I’m not f***ing 100 years old.”

She continued on saying,

“My butt is…”

Her friend chimes in saying,

“I think your butt is perfect!! I wish I had it”.

She continued on saying,

“Bye b*****s. F*** you all for trying”.

In the second clip she wrote the caption,

“Please, stop body shaming people. I don’t want to do this ratchet s*** but here we are. Before bed. Doing this. Please, leave me be”.

Iggy’s friend chimed in stating,

“I just love seeing what your butt really looks like in real life”.

Iggy starts twerking and her friend then went on to say,

“Just let all those haters know!! Hey!!”

See the clip below.

All Iggy @thenewclassic assks of you.

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Back in May 2017, during an interview Iggy opened up about the rumors surrounding her butt being fake and denying having getting implants.

“People have been saying I have bum implants forever, but I don’t have butt implants. I have no problem talking about cosmetic surgery”. 

By -Kina Lenee Gladney

Authored by: Kellie Williams