Trump Calls Omarosa a “Low Life”, Audio Of Her Being Fired From White House Released

Omarosa, Trump

Trump Calls Omarosa a “Low Life”, Audio From Being Fired From White House Released

Over the weekend, President Trump referred to Omarosa Manigault Newman as a “lowlife.” His remark, is in response to the claims she made in her upcoming book, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, that Trump used the n-word on the set of his reality show The Apprentice. On Saturday, reporters asked him if he felt betrayed by the former White House staffer. He responded:

“Lowlife. She’s a lowlife.”

The White House has denied any claims made by the former Celebrity Apprentice reality star referring to it as

“riddled with lies and false accusations.”

As previously reported, in the book, she claims that tapes exist of Trump using the N-word repeatedly on the reality show’s set. She admitted that she had never been able to obtain or hear the tapes, but said three unnamed sources had described their contents. However, on her Sunday appearance on ‘Meet the Press’, she says that she has since heard the recording.

Omarosa also alleges that Trump has exhibited signs of a

“mental decline that could not be denied”. 

The reality star also alleges that Trump allies tried to buy her silence after she left the White House, offering her $15,000 a month to serve in a

“senior position”.

During her ‘Meet the Press’ interview Omarosa released recorded White House chief of staff John Kelly firing her in the Situation Room. In one clip, Kelly can be heard saying she would be “leaving the White House.”

“It’s come to my attention over the last few months that there’s been some pretty, in my opinion, significant integrity issues”

Listen to the clip below.

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