Kevin Hart Reacts to Mike Epps’ Criticizing Him: Not once have I attacked him! [VIDEO]

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Kevin Hart, who rarely speaks negatively about his comedic colleagues, had quite a candid conversation about negative comments made by his peers. Specifically, in an interview with Sway In the Morning, Kevin reacts to comedian Aries  Spears criticizing him:

I just don’t get how these people have the time to talk about a guy that never talks about them….

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Aries Spears

On whether or not he creates his own jokes (Aries claims that he doesn’t write on his own), Kevin says that his own material is based on his personal life. He says that he does have a team (of two people or so) that help him create jokes in his own voice. They’ve been together for 8 years.

Nobody makes it on their own. Nobody. I don’t give a sh*t who you are. My guys have helped me build this brand….I still got love for Aries…I want you to look at the track record of the guys who are talkin’. Aries has been doing comedy for like 20 years. Aaires has like one special. Not that he can’t put out more specials, you lookin’ at a guy that’s angry at himself.


Kevin also addresses negative remarks made by comedic actor Mike Epps, whom he feels is a veteran. He says that he looked up to him as a more established, experienced comedian. He says that Mike actually put him on some of his tour dates/shows.

Here’s the thing that upsets me about Mike. Yo, Mike looked out for me. I was a younger comic. I remember when Mike got ‘Friday’….Not once have I ever attacked him….But now that the tides have changed, now you have all of these problems with me that literally came out of nowhere. Mike got Richard Pryor…Listen, I f*cking called mike, Congrats…Do it! Knock that out the park.