R.Kelly Hit w/ Lawsuit Over Damaging Property


R.Kelly Hit w/ Lawsuit Over Damaging Property

It looks like there won’t be any fiestas in singer R. Kelly’s casas anytime soon. R. Kelly is being sued by a property management company for damages to two Georgia homes the singer rented – one of them being the home a former associate of his ransacked, according to reports. Late last year, he commented on the robbery:

“They basically done cleaned out my whole house. I thank all my fans for their support…That’s what happens when you get … well, let people too close to you… People you’ve known 25, 35 years. This is what happens.”

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R. Kelly rented a 23-room home for $10,000 a month in the John’s Creek, GA area and a 4-bedroom home on Saint Devon Crossing for $3000 a month.


He unknowingly stepped in the name of love out of those homes in February of this year, but didn’t surrender possession until two weeks after being served an eviction notice.

It was then that SB Property management inspected the homes and found “extensive damage” that was “beyond normal wear and tear.” This reportedly included broken windows and decor, along with extensive damage to electrical work and abandoned trash.

In April, court documents show the singer agreed to pay $170,000 for the damages. None of those payments were made, and Kelly’s representatives were contacted by the company, demanding the full balance be paid.


Written by Miata Shanay
Authored by: Kellie Williams