Yandy Smith Gets Approved to Become a Foster Mother

Yandy Smith w/ future foster daughter Infinity Gilyard

Yandy Smith Gets Approved to Become a Foster Mother

Yandy Smith has accepted the mission of becoming a foster mother. The Love & Hip-Hop alum shared the news over the weekend as her and her new potential foster daughter, Infinity Gilyard, walked out of family court in New York.

The relationship between Smith and Gilyard began about three years ago after the entrepreneur spoke at her school. Smith eventually accepted the role as her mentor which is a part of the EGL P.U.D. (Partners Uplifting our Daughters) non-profit organization, and the rest is history. Smith shared a series of photos and a tearful video about the new possible addition to her family to Instagram.

As the women walked out of the courtroom hugging each other, Gilyard is shown covering her face as she sheds tears of joy after receiving the approval from the judge. As the ladies regain their composure, Smith explains why Gilyard is crying

“The judge approved of everything.”

“So, um, Infinity can come back to my house. They said we can start the process for me becoming a foster mother,” Smith says as a tear rolls down her face.

She further elaborated about the moment via her caption. She wrote,

“I never know how God wants to use me. Every day I’m learning how to be a better me and this new chapter is going to take a lot of learning. I know there’s a process in everything…this has been an emotional one. I met @tooiinfinityandbeyond when she was in 7th grade speaking at her school, never thought 3 years later I would be in the process of becoming a foster mommy to her. Not totally cleared yet but I’m approved to start the process.”

Smith explains why she chose to share the news about her being a new foster mother and provided further details about the process,

“The judge, ACS, the attorneys were all great. I’m sharing this with you all because she wanted me to. She wanted mentors out there to know the impact they could have in changing the trajectory of a child’s life. Cuz I promise her life will never be the same again!!!! @fromyandytoinfinity is my new journey please pray for me and if you have any advice I’m open to it all”

This will be Smith’s third child. She has two children with Mendeecees, her husband, who is currently incarcerated.

Authored by: TJB Writer