EXCLUSIVE: Yo Gotti Scores Victory in Lawsuit W/ Concert Booker

Yo Gotti

EXCLUSIVE: Yo Gotti Scores Victory in Lawsuit W/ Concert Booker

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Yo Gotti scored a $82k victory in a legal battle with a concert booker, with a judge siding with the rapper and dismissing a judgment.

On September 19, the judge in the case ordered the entire lawsuit be dismissed and the $82k judgment be vacated, meaning Gotti is no longer on the hook. The entire case against Gotti was thrown out due to Martin not following through with the court order.

Here’s the backstory: A concert booker named Mario Martin took the rapper to arbitration court – which is confidential – in 2015. He claimed he paid the rapper’s representative a substantial amount of money for his services.

He accused the rapper of screwing him over on their deal for Gotti to perform in Alabama back in 2014. The deal stated that the rapper would be paid $55k for his performance, 3 coach flight tickets, 8-9 hotel rooms and a rider that included 2 bottles of Ace of Spade and 4 of Moet Rose along with $300 food per diem per day.

Martin presented evidence showing he paid the majority of the $55k to Gotti’s rep prior to the show and was to pay the remaining due on the day of the show. However, the rapper failed to attend the hosting at the club for “some reason”.

The arbitrator found Martin had invested a good amount of money on the planned show and awarded him $82k against the rapper. However, Gotti fought back against the arbitration award and demanded the judgment be vacated.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams