Young Buck Fires Off About Alleged Video Of Him Receiving Fellatio By a Trans Woman

Young Buck Fires Off About Alleged Video Of Him Receiving Fellatio By a Trans Woman

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck is responding to speculation surrounding a video of him allegedly receiving fellatio from a trans woman, a rapper by the name of Glamour Purfek. The video in question was leaked to Purfek’s page over the weekend after she says she was hacked.

In a video Buck posted on Instagram, which has since been deleted, he fires off over the alleged sex tape. He denies involvement and sends a message to a rapper by the name of Cook Up.

Ain’t sh*t gay about me I ain’t got no problem with no gay people. Whatever the f*ck you niggas thought you seen on a tape, n*gga that ain’t no motherfu*kin tape with a punk sucking my d**k!

Catch the full message below.

In the video of the fellatio performance, there is a song playing in the background which Purfek’s confirms is hers. As the lyrics allude to her being in a situationship with Young Buck, she denies the song is about him in an apology video and maintains that she was hacked. In the short video, she says,

“First I want to start off by apologizing to David – Young Buck, his family, friends, anyone who has been offended or hurt by the video that was recently posted up on my page. Unfortunately, I haven’t had access to my page in over a week. Due to my lack of responsibility, I gave someone my info to try get my page verified, and they just went haywire. The song does belong to me, that is me, that is my song. I do know of rappers, I did live in Nashville, but you know, that song wasn’t about him. Somehow they got my voice and said Buckshotz at the end. But charges have been brought against them, so there’s nothing to see here!”

Purfek has since deleted the apology video and reposted the video of her allegedly giving Young Buck fellatio. In another video posted Tuesday afternoon she writes:

Listen up..Everyone has been played.. and why say hurtful things when you don’t know the story.. because I’m transgender?.. We have to be undercover sex objects?.. get played with and lied to over and over again!?.. we can’t act out?.. women do it all the time.. when men lie and have wives and play you.. you pop up at jobs.. vandalizing homes and cars.. making black women look horrible to the world.. but we say something it’s the end of the world!? “We mf tied”  save the drama.. it’s 2018.

Young Buck is a rapper from Nashville, TN. Before he was the head of his own record label, Cashville Records, he was a primary member in 50 Cent’s G-Unit in 2003. As of today, Buck is no longer with G-Unit and has been pushing music through his own label. In 2016, he was sentenced to seven months in prison for violating his probation.

Authored by: Kellie Williams