Jay Ellis Returns To ‘Insecure’, Shocking Fans

Jay Ellis Shocks Fans With His Return To Insecure

Despite telling fans that he had not shot any scenes for season 3 of HBO’s Insecure and the show’s trailer seeming to reiterate that his character was not returning, Jay Ellis pleasantly surprised fans when he appeared on the series’ fifth episode.

For months, #LawrenceHive has had to come to grips that their favorite character was not returning to the show for its third season. According to Issa Rae, it was just time for her character to move on from her ex.  However, it seems that the entire cast has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes because Lawrence has indeed returned.

In the episode, Issa and her girl friends take a trip to Coachella where she hooks up with the possible new man in her life, Nathan. While things seem to be moving in the right direction with Issa and Nathan,  Lawrence (played by Jay Ellis) makes a surprise appearance in the final minutes of the episode. Upon his character’s return to the show, Ellis responded to the fans’ reactions with a tweet:

Missed y’all  #LawrenceHive #insecurehbo

We don’t know what this means for Issa and Lawrence. Nor do we know if this is a permanent return for Jay Ellis. But with two episodes left in the season, a budding new romance and Daniel possibly lurking in the shadows, literally anything can happen.

Authored by: Eleven8