Rapper Kamaiyah Pleads Guilty To Cursing Out Airport Security Who Harassed Her For Wearing A Bonnet

Rapper Kamaiyah Pleads Guilty To Cursing out Airport Security Who Harassed Her For Wearing A Bonnet

Kamaiyah pleaded guilty to creating a public disturbance after the Oakland rapper reportedly cursed out security officers at the Bradley International Airport in May. As part of her plea deal, Kamaiyah also wrote an apology letter and had to pay a $50 fine.

The Bay Area emcee took to Twitter to discuss the case, saying that she was made an example of because she was black and had a large following.

My case is closed. For the record, I pleaded to a lesser charge to not have a record I was made an example out of just because of who I am. I don’t be out here causing problems, never have had a record in all my life. The media is trying to assassinate my character for not interviewing.  

I can speak my peace now, the case is closed. I was harassed over a bonnet and being black in an airport. That’s it. That’s all. I wasn’t raised to be silent. I barely cursed. What scared that airport was I was black, intelligent and had a following that alone got me arrested.

The news reporters in Connecticut were put out of the courtroom and couldn’t record once the judge knew I would speak out against them on camera. They didn’t want the backlash. Also, I blocked cameras with umbrellas walking out of court. That’s why they’re mad reporting whatever.

Kamaiyah is signed to YG’s 4Hunnid record label. She released her debut mixtape, A Good Night in the Ghetto, in March 2016 and was featured on YG and Drake’s “Why You Always Hatin'” that same year. In 2017, Kamaiyah made XXL Magazine’s Freshman List.

Authored by: Eleven8