Ariana Grande Shares Heartbreaking Tweets While Mourning Mac Miller

Ariana Grande Mourns Mac Miller With Heartbreaking Tweets

From the looks of Ariana Grande’s Twitter page, the 25-year-old pop star is having a hard time since the death of Mac Miller, her ex-boyfriend of 2 years. Grande took to Twitter to let off a few sad tweets that were unlike her positive and cheerful self.

In the tweets, Ariana admits that she’s been having a tough time lately and sent thanks to someone for loving her though she doesn’t deserve it.

Ariana doesn’t specify that these tweets are for or about Mac Miller, however, aside from album promo, Ariana’s tweets since Mac Miller’s death have been about being “okay” and loving someone “very much”. Other than that, she’s posted videos of photos of the dog the two got together during their relationship.


Read Ariana’s tweets below and decide for yourself.


Authored by: Eleven8