Ex Bad Girls Club’s Danielle Victor Says ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ & ‘The Bachelor’ Discriminated Against Her Over Reality TV

Ex Bad Girls Club’s Danielle Victor Says ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ & ‘The Bachelor’ Discriminated Against Her Over Reality TV

Apparently, there is an unspoken stigma about The Bad Girls Club and anyone who participates in the show. Reality TV star Danielle Victor says she is a victim of discrimination due to appearing on the show.

Victor appeared on the 8th season of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club and the 1st and 2nd season of Bad Girls All-Star Battle. She also appeared on season 4 of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too where she came in third. According to Victor, her cameos on this show played a role in her life today, but when she had a chance to be on The Steve Harvey Show, she was denied due to her past. In an Instagram post, Dani wrote:

I’m posting this because I have to let things off my chest especially about this “industry.” I got approached to do a segment on @iamsteveharveytv about dating because we ALL know I am horrible at it. I made it to the next round, made a video, made it to the round after that. Now, I never lie to casting about the fact that I did bad girls club and a bunch of spins because it is a part of who I am and the beginning of this journey I started.

She explained to me that her and the producer loved me but she wasn’t sure how the executive producers would feel about someone from “bad girls club” I asked why? A show doesn’t define who a person is, I am not bad girls club, I am a girl who was on Bad Girls Club.

So I just received this email telling me they are going in a different direction aka they think you are trash because of your past putting me in a box I don’t deserve to be in. I grew up watching @iamsteveharveytv I looked at him as an icon and now I don’t know how I feel about him or the people he works for. This isn’t racist but it’s discriminatory, period. The same thing happened to me when I auditioned for @bachelorabc – casting director loved me said she was going to pitch me hard for to the executives who did the same thing, put me in a bubble and then in the trash because of a show I did 8 years ago.

These past three years have been so hard for me, tonight I shed a few tears and screamed after receiving this email because I am SO tired of not getting shots I deserve because of what people think of a title of a show I was on. I am calling out these networks like @abcnetwork @nbcnetworkto stop discriminating against great talent because YOU think we are trash, we are not. I am calling out @iamsteveharveytvbecause you seem like the type of man that wouldn’t stand for this type of behavior even if these people are cutting your checks. You’re for the people right? Well I am your people, so I would like to hear from @iamsteveharveytv himself why exactly I am NOT good enough to share a stage with. I wanted to try and land a seat on #thereal bc again I’d be great for it but I know how that’ll end up…. just like this.

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Authored by: Eleven8