Porsha Williams’ Ex-Fiancé Dennis McKinley Accused Of Sexual Harassment & Physical Assault From Porsha’s Cousin, Storm

Dennis McKinley, Storm, Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams’ Ex-Fiancé Dennis McKinley Accused Of Sexual Harassment & Physical Assault From Porsha’s Cousin, Storm

Porsha Williams’ ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley is facing serious harassment and physical abuse allegations from the former ‘RHOA’ star’s cousin.

Things are heating up and getting real on Porsha Williams’ reality series ‘Porsha’s Family Matters.’ During the latest episode, while vacationing in Mexico, an explosive argument breaks out between Porsha Williams, Dennis McKinley, and other people featured on the popular Bravo show. The argument quickly becomes physical and Dennis McKinley can be seen pushing someone on camera. Simon Guobadia, Porsha’s current fiancé, tries to calm the situation down, however, his efforts are unsuccessful, and right before the cliffhanger scene ends multiple people start to fight as Porsha swings a few times at Dennis.

The crazy situation did not end there. After the episode aired Porsha’s cousin Storm, who was in Mexico when the fight took place, claimed that she was once sexually harassed by Dennis. She tweeded,

“Dennis is [a] pedophile . I was 18/19 back when I worked for him and sexual harassed me the enter time I worked in his establishments. I am a lesbian. We did not ever see each other outside of work & I have messages. Stop the [cap emoji] nobody want his fat a** #PorshasFamilyMatters”

She continued and accused Dennis of physically assaulting her while they were in Mexico.

“Dennis physical assaulted me in Mexico. I’ve been silent long enough. This man has sexually harassed me & now A grown a** 40+ year old man physically assaulted me in Mexico . I’m sick of it! #PorshasFamilyMatters”

She added,

“This man sexual harassed me for months until I QUIT. I was not fired. #PorshasFamilyMatters I just got another job.”

When a Twitter user said that if Dennis physically assaulted her in Mexico then he needed to be in jail, Storm replied,

“Girl … we tried .. I swear”

She added,

“I know I’m telling the truth & that’s all I’m going to say.”


Storm also shared her allegations and dated pictures for proof via her IG stories.

Porsha and Dennis have yet to speak on the serious allegations. However, after Storm made her claims against Dennis she did share a heartfelt moment online with her famed cousin who congratulated her on her latest academic achievement.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel