Kyomi Leslie Says Bow Wow Goes To Therapy: When He Throws Tantrums He Just Needs A Little Attention

Kyomi Leslie Gets Candid About Her Relationship With Bow Wow

Kyomi Leslie is providing details about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow. During a radio interview, the “Wild N Out” girl turned “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star shared some interesting things about the executive producer. Plagued by the speculation she she was only with the rapper for fame, she denies this and also explains why decided to be with Bow Wow. Check out a few excerpts below.

The difference between reality television and Wild ‘N’ Out:

It’s a big difference – reality tv and just doing comedy.

What she thinks about people who assume her relationship is fake:

A lot of people say our relationship is fake. It’s annoying because, I just feel like, if you think out of all the n*ggas, I pick him just for fame?

If she had any issues with Bow Wow’s exes:

I don’t really have anything bad to say about anybody. I love Joie’s child, I have no problem with nobody. As far as Erica, I don’t have a problem with her. They’re women of his past, I don’t really feel like, as a woman, I should have beef with the mother of his child or his ex fiance. That’s not my place.

Bow Wow

If any of her exes tried to get back with her:

None of my exes hit me up. But a lot of the guys who were in my DMs were kind of like, ‘Really, Lil’ Bow Wow?’

Why she chose to be with Bow Wow:

I wanted to go with somebody who I felt like was going to actually love me, and somebody that I saw didn’t have a problem committing. A lot of these dudes in the industry, they have a problem committing and I want you to show me off. I look too good to be behind the curtain. I need to be front and center like, ‘Yes! That’s my b*tch!’

The difficulties of being in a relationship with Bow Wow:

Yeah, of course. Its very difficult because we’ll be laying in bed and he’ll be tweeting, going off on this rampage and then, I get on my phone and I have all these comments, ‘His girlfriend ain’t shit. He’s going through all these problems.’ Sometimes it is what it is. I let him do his thing, if that’s what he has to do to get off his chest then by all means go ahead.


I feel like sometimes he can be trolling. I’m not gone downplay it because suicide is very serious, but at the same time when I know somebody I know them. I think sometimes he just needs a little bit of attention, but he does need therapy sometimes, which he is going to.

Her next step:

Mostly just pushing my music forward. That’s the platform that this was used for [Growing Up Hip-Hop], to start working on my music. Hopefully, I can get into acting. As far as being on reality television, it is a lot different from acting, but I see that I have potential; the camera loves me.

Just a few days ago, theJasmineBRAND reported Kyomi Leslie had broken it off with Bow Wow as she vented on Twitter she and broken it off with the rapper turned television personality. The reality star was caught on social media flirting with rapper Young M.A.

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Authored by: Andre Palmer