Columbus Short Accuses Kim Kardashian Of Being A Witch – She Put Kanye Under A Spell!

Columbus Short Accuses Kim Kardashian For Being A Witch, Believes She Placed Kanye West Under A Spell

Columbus Short is singling out Kim Kardashian West for allegedly performing witchery on her husband Kanye. The actor posted his thoughts on Instagram, in a now deleted post, claiming the reason Kanye’s actions in the media have been so erroneous is due to him being under a spell placed on him by his wife. In a photo of Kanye, Kim, and another woman who they met while in Uganda, Short writes,

I post this picture for one reason and one reason only. To expose witchcraft. This is what it looks like. Its a unaddressed issue but real and present right now. Both men and women all over the WORLD are unknowingly being tormented by witchcraft. And this is what it looks like. You can call me crazy but i suggest you guys do your research.

When asked for clarification, a user inquired,

So big bro, just so I’m clear, you saying Kim K is a witch, right?

Short responds,


Kanye is currently in Uganda working on his upcoming album “YANDHI” which is set to release on Black Friday, November 28th.

Authored by: Andre Palmer