Rihanna Turned Down Superbowl Halftime Show In Support of Colin Kaepernick

Rihanna Turns Down the Superbowl Halftime Show in Support of Colin Kaepernick

Rihanna just made room under her umbrella for Colin Kaepernick. The singer/beauty guru reportedly declined an offer from the National Football League to perform at the halftime show for the 53rd Super Bowl game. According to reports, a source revealed why Rihanna said “no” to the coveted performance slot. They said:

“The NFL and CBS really wanted Rihanna to be next year’s performer in Atlanta. They offered it to her, but she said no because of the kneeling controversy. She doesn’t agree with the NFL’s stance.”

The Fenty Beauty CEO wasn’t the only one that passed on the NFL’s offer. Since Colin hasn’t played football since his kneeling for police injustice efforts – Rihanna’s Roc Nation boss, Jay Z, also passed in favor of supporting Colin. He explained in these lyrics from his hit song with his wife, Beyonce – “Apeshit.” He rapped:

“I said no to the Super Bowl You need me, I don’t need you Every night we in the end zone Tell the NFL we in stadiums, too”

It was recently announced that the pop-rock group, Maroon 5, will be performing in place of Rihanna. Rumors are swirling that Cardi B will be joining them. Another source revealed:

“She [Cardi B] is definitely being considered, but it’s obviously way too early to say for sure. Pepsi, the NFL and Cardi are all interested in her performing more than just her ‘Girls Like You’ verse.”

Colin Kaepernick

Will you be watching the Super Bowl this year, or are you sitting this one out in support of Colin Kaepernick?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay